Giggidy: What Have I Been Up to?

Time flies…

Pursuing fitness and body composition has been such a slow burn of accumulating more and more information over time. I have had lots of experience with tuning my diet, workout and overall thinking about fitness since I first started, not all that long ago.

So what have I been up to?

I almost immediately shifted gears after that last update. I adopted the program posted by Dan John. He posted an article about doing the same workout for 40 days (not necessarily consecutive), if I remember correctly it is mostly focused on strength, and so far I have to agree.

The warm-up

  • 10 minutes of foam rolling

< I really need to work my IT band to avoid knee pain from squats, it has been extremely effective. I’ve been to a physio for 5 sessions to work on pretty sharp pain on the upper middle part of my knee cap. It was mostly deep tissue work, and I’ve kept it up on the foam rolling.

  • 10 minutes of mobility drills taken from Magnificent Mobility and Inside Out (Robertson and Cressey stuff and it is great!). I emphasize hip mobility in the warm up drills, but still am able to get to most areas of my body.

The workout - only 8 exercises, 2 sets of 5 reps, exceptions noted below. Full body work.


  • 4 warm up sets (unloaded bar, 135 lbs, 200 lbs, 250lbs)
  • 2 sets of 5 reps * same scheme for below except for where noted.
    5RM max has gone from 230 to 280!

5RM max has gone from 230 to 260

Wide Grip Pull UP
5RM is bodyweight plus 30 lbs

DB Press
5RM 80lbs per arm

Suitcase Press
5RM 55lbs and its a struggle

Bicep Curl
5RM 50lbs per arm

Ab Wheel
1 set 5 reps, I’m almost able to do them without going to knee.

Just got my valslides today so I’m going to integrate them soon.

DB Swing
50 reps at anywhere from 35 to 50 pounds.

So I’ve been doing that 3-4 times a week, usually no more than 2 days in a row. I’m only on day 21, kind of weak since that means I’ve only done 21 resistance sessions since late May. But then again I went on vacation twice since then and the flu knocked me out for 10 days.

I figure I will get to workout 40 by early September or so. At that time I’m going to get into a 4 day split routine. Trying to map out my exercise and loading protocols. I just got CT’s Black Book and am reading through his methods. Since my focus has been on strength for 2-4 months I’m going to shift into more of a bodybuilding style.

I’ve been playing soccer once a week and hockey once a week. Now I’ve come to consider these as my HIIT sessions. I give it my all on every shift in hockey and am running/sprinting all over the place for soccer. I have a sweet HRM belt that stores HR info and dumps it into a great PDF after the workout (Suunto Mem belt and Firstbeat Athlete), it breaks down your: V02, Heart Rate, EPOC, R-R, and Respiration numbers. I’m happy to see that I’m able to stay in the V02 zone for quite sometime during my games. Also my max HR has steadily declined through the seasons, from 189 down to 180. Rightly or wrongly I use this as an indication that I have more stamina in the tank to use in the games and can push it harder if I feel it.

Random Notes.

  • I love using Google Docs for tracking my workout progress. Not tied to any single computer for this.

  • I’ve not made time for any cardio. I’ve been heavily influenced reading Leigh Peele and Alwyn Cosgrove’s material. I’m not anti-cardio by any means, but I’ve put it low on my priority list.

  • I really want to make time to do some interval programs that were posted on (the indecent intervals article in particular has some challenging stuff - IMO).

  • Weber BBQs are amazing…I used to have a cheap shit BBQ, but the Weber has turned me into an aspiring chef. I bought a book called, ‘weber way to grill’. I’ve been able to use alot of the recipes in there, they are really great and definitely inline with PN protocols. i love grilling!

  • podcast is awesome.

  • probably going to just do one sport at a time. I want to be able to lift 4 days a week, I think I need at least two days to recover each week, or at least one day for HIIT and one for nothing but chillin.

Other stuff -

My wife is actually working out 3 times a week now. I have her on a simple full body plan, similar to mine but the loads are much less of course. This is a girl who was NEVER interested in working out and was really freaked out the first time she saw me buying creatine. But I’m so proud of her, she is really motivated to keep her own workout logs, she works out without me. She is also eating much cleaner than she ever has. It’s great to see your partner get into the same things you are doing, this is so important when it concerns eating.

Supplementation -

Green Tea Extract - 3x1g daily - will take the 500g that I have and then take a couple months off.

Greens Powder - same as above except 3x1TBsp

Beta-Alanine - 3x2g daily,

Omega 3 pills - 6x1g daily

Creatine - 5g daily

Surge Recovery 100g after workout or sport.
Surge Fuel
30g 30 minutes before workout or sport
30g during my workout or sport + Jameson Electrolyte packet

ZMA Vitamin D
Vitamin E in the morning and post workout
Vitamin C in the morning and post workout

workout days around 3500 kcal, non workout days - 2800kcal

150g steel cut oats - 150g (cooked)
150g fresh blueberries
30g all bran buds
125g Liberte Natural Yogurt
5 ice cubes
30g Casein/Whey Mix
15g Flax seed Mill

Morning Snack
150g of a lean meat
20g Kale or Spinach
40g tomato
80g sweet pepper

150g of cooked quinoa/cucmber/olive oil/parsley/onion

Afternoon Snack
150g of a lean meat
20g Kale or Spinach
40g tomato
80g sweet pepper

Anywhere from 150 to 400g of a lean meat
Usually Yams/Brocolli or sometimes risotto/pasta

Drinking? - A glass of wine (or two) once a week. Very rarely (once in six weeks) a night out for a bunch of beers.

175g of 2% cottage cheese
30g of casein/whey mix

Body Comp?
I’m ripped! At least when the lighting is good and directly overhead

I’m logging everything in Fitday (measurements once a week, photos once a week, weight once a day around 5pm).

My tanita scale has clocked me in as low as 7.5% body fat, but I don’t think I’m anywhere near that. However in April the same scale had me up in the high 13s, so even if the true number is off, I’ve cut my body fat in half.

My weight has been the same (within one pound 165.5 to 167.0) over the past three weeks. So to assume the obvious, i’m in an energy balance…I’m trying to pick out what my goals are? Gee I dunno, gain muscle and lose fat? But in all my reading you can’t ride two horses at once. I’m steadily leaning towards trying to gain muscle rather than lose fat. I think I’d be a miserable SOB if I go into a caloric deficit. I don’t have the mental toughness to deal with hunger. I just read a book about Navy Seal training…jeeez…amazing people.

Anyways, just checking in to say hi and hope everyone is doing great on their own missions.