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So Im trying to learn as much as possible to become a walking encyclopedia on the


I understand your concern. If only there was a sticky at the top of the forum that told newbs everything they need to know about planning a cycle. We could call it “Beginner Cycle Planning” or something similar. Then beginners could read through it and do some research of their own, without pissing people off by asking to be spoon-fed.

What would be even better would be if there was also a sticky about PCT. Now THAT would be useful.

sigh if only…

[quote]Brent1769 wrote:
Hmm. I don’t recall asking for the info handed. I can put together my own stack. I’m wanting to know where to look so i can learn about them.
I know you will want nolva on hand before you even start a cycle. and clomid for pct. I just want to know a WEBSITE THAT HAS AAS PROFILES. your giving me shit for “not reading” the sticky when you cant properly read my short question. i just want an information website. is that to hard to ask???[/quote]

Maybe the steroid profiles are IN the stickeys.

shocked face

sweet, so now you know the molecular weight you’re all set!

Rock on!

Personally, I would think these descriptions (from the stickey) by bushmaster would be more useful, but what do I know


Luckily for you, you had your flame suit on…

[quote]Marc_Cavalli wrote:
Luckily for you, you had your flame suit on…[/quote]

what a disrespectful shit.