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Gift Giving Occasions

Christmas is over and I’m a little torn on the gift situation. Like most years in my adult life I didn’t get anything which is disappointing. On the flip side everyone else made the effort to put the time and thought into picking out a gift they thought the recipient would enjoy because I’ve been telling them for years that money/gift cards are lazy and half assed unless that’s what they ask for. Any thoughts or unwritten/personal rules on gifts?

Mrs. and I quit doing gifts for x-mas/birthdays and decided we were just going to take great vacations together. I have too much stuff; I don’t have enough experiences.


Aye me and the mrs do the exact same thing


I buy my own gift for xmas, father’s day, etc
I have no issue with gift cards or cash. I like cash because I get to say “exactly what I wanted”
No re-gifting. My better half is a terrible re-gifter so gift giving times can be stressful lol


Didn’t you get a stone of steel as a gift from your wife?

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Yup. That was just a gift, given with no occasion attached. Those still happen, and it means there’s no real pressure to get a gift at the “right time”.


My little bro went for a vacation in Vietnam and bought me a “Communism is Freedom” t-shirt. I’m writing him out of my will.


I really hope at least SOMEONE appreciated the irony in the exchange.


My wife got me a socket, wrench, driver bit set this year.

I have no idea why.

Generally the agreement among adults in my family is to just give to the kids. We’re all adults and there is really no need.


We are sort of all over the place. I find gift giving occasions stressful particularly at our age when we have what we want. Having said that I bought my husband three months in the Carnivore club this year. They home deliver selections of smoked meats. He bought me a chop saw and drill press for my shed work shop and they’re brilliant.

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I got my wife a robot vacuum. Surprisingly she was all about it. We named it Wyatt.

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Pushing yourself to get a gift for someone who has money of their own to buy what they want is a silly and stressful waste of time and money. If you run into something (or think of something) that you know would be very fitting for someone and they don’t have it, that’s a reason to give a gift. If you are very rich and can buy them a toy you know they never would buy for themselves, that’s cool too (i.e a high-end watch).

My sister got us a house plant this year (very fitting for us), I got her nothing and didn’t feel bad about it (I know she feels the same) cause I didn’t think of anything, or see anything that was a good gift for her…and she makes like 2x the money I make.

After telling her to not get gifts, My GF’s mom got her an ugly sweater from a dept store…she also provided a gift receipt. My GF got a text last night from her mom “I gave you the wrong gift receipt”. This. is. Christmas.

95% of Christmas Gifts are for kids.

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I told my wife this last January, for my birthday she gave me concert tickets. For Christmas this year, we are going to Thailand for three weeks.

My wife and I have done well financially, so we just splurge on our siblings and their kids. We like to see how many family members tear up when opening presents. (There’s a pun in there somewhere)

Also, I tell people not to buy me stuff. Unless it’s something amazing that is a hidden gem, I’d probably of bought it for myself already.


My wife does a majority of the gift buying but at Christmas I pick out and buy one gift for everyone from me. I like putting the thought into finding something they’ll like and wouldn’t buy for themselves. If they don’t like what I got them too bad, it’s a gift. IDK, I like getting presents on Christmas. I like not knowing what they are, I like holding them to see how heavy they are, and I like shaking them to try figure out what it is. They don’t have to be expensive but I hold to cash/gift cards are a lazy half assed gift.


Every girlfriend I’ve ever had and all of my family members bitch at me every time Christmas or my birthday comes around because apparently I’m “really hard to buy for.”

I’m like “I have told all of you time and time again not to buy me anything!”

I just don’t understand how I can be the bad guy in this scenario.

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“Hard to buy for” is how people justify not putting the the time/effort into picking out a gift. There’s a ton of inexpensive things I wouldn’t buy but if someone gave it to me I’d think it was a pretty awesome gift. The direction today’s society is going is pretty shitty, I guess I’m maybe trying to hold onto some of the old ways.

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I’ve always thought that if people don’t know me well enough to know what I’d like, they have no business buying me a gift. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact they still want to, but maybe we should get to know each other better first.


Amen, if I know you and feel obligated to get you something I’ll put a little effort into finding something I think you’ll like. If I know you and feel obligated to give you something and I throw a gift card your way I’m a lazy half assed gift giver. Growing up people used to say “it’s the thought that counts” there’s actually a lot of wisdom in that saying.

Well if he is truly communist he would’ve squandered that money by giving it to the state anyway. All that money you worked for gifted to the state.


Ask for booze. For some reason nobody has a hard time buying me bourbon.