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Giddy Up! (JMaier)

Rack chins


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I was just thinking of grabbing the top of the rack. It’s taller. I already have to hold my feet up with my current setup. Using the bar might put my knees on the ground.

I don’t have any rings, but I have an awesome nine foot tall swing set in the back yard. I could get some rings on adjustable straps and throw them on that thing. My daughter would love it, too.


9.14.20 C1 W1 D2 - Incline

Work Gym

BW x 10, 10 , 5+3+2
I don’t know what I’m doing, but suddenly pull ups are hard.
bar x 10
135 x 5
150 x 5 x 5
170 x 10 x 3 sets

120 x 5 x 3 sets
170 x 10, 8+2, 8+2

Shoulder Finisher

85 x 15, 13
20 x 12, 15
20 x 12, 15

100 x 10F/10T/8B
80 x 10F/6T/0B

Time: 47ish minutes


I kept 4 kids occupied for over 3 hours with a single Olympic ring looped over a tree in the garden a few weeks ago. Your kids will love it.


That shoulder finisher looks great. Might have to try that sometime.

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I’m not sure which one is better - the one I did today or the one I was doing last week. Today’s is shorter so that’s a win. Last week’s was lateral raises, front raises, reverse fly’s, and OHP in that order. It’s a burner.

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9.15.20 & 9.16.20

I finally got the new rack into the basement. I had to disassemble it more than I’d hoped and I found some hidden bolts that were giving me grief.

I worked from 1000 to 0145 yesterday. I got up at 0700 today and I’m back at work now. There will be no training today. If I have any energy tonight then I’ll start reassembling the rack and cables.

Working didn’t wear me out; standing did. We had an idiot who didn’t want to go to jail and said he’d shoot police if they moved in. It turned into a SWAT call and I stood on the perimeter keeping people out of the line of fire for seven hours.


You guys are really the most patient human beings on the planet. It bugs me to see folks on tv, who have no understanding of the job or what you do, try to make up hyperbolic statements like you’re occupying soldiers. Let me tell you how long a “standoff” lasted when I was an occupying soldier and someone was in my way…

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It was brutal. We had to clear out one whole apartment building which was about 12 units along with parts of two others. This one a-hole ran his mouth off an on all night while putting all those people out. And why? Because he’s a selfish, entitled jerk.

They finally shot some gas into the apartment and he came out immediately. It turned out that he wasn’t such a tough guy. He spent all night saying he was going to shoot us or fight us or that he was going to die right there. A little respiratory discomfort and he quit. If I was in charge we would’ve done that as soon as the SWAT team arrived and set up.

It’s sad how the same type of people are the ones who like to tell us that we’re nothing without the badge. They’re also the same people who fight, shoot, and kill at the slightest insult. They think that’s tough. You know what’s really tough? Not choking the life out of someone when they scream in your face. Standing there and taking the verbal abuse and not reacting. Absorbing it all and showing no emotion. Tough people restrain themselves when everything inside them wants to lash out. The ones tho lash out are the weak ones.

One of my wife’s students was shot and killed Sunday night. I don’t even think he was involved in the events that led up to the shooting. Two guys shot into his house because they had a beef with someone in the house via Snapchat. Real tough guys.


I totally agree with all that.

I’m really sorry to hear that. The world is so violent it’s insane. I don’t know if it’s changed or if we just have more access to be aware of it. I remember how easy it was to turn pretty animalistic and embrace doing terrible things without thought, and don’t understand why we seem to be going out of our way to create the culture here.

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It’s changing because things that were once unheard of are now acceptable. The ages of our violent offenders is dropping every year. It’s not uncommon to see 8th graders committing felonies every day of the week. Burglary to auto, shoplifting, drive-by’s - it’s nothin to them.

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Hard and heartbreaking job in equal measure I’m sure. Just know that despite the what some of the loudest voices say, you have a huge amount of support, I wouldn’t want to live in a society without a well structured and just police force.


I wish I could gold star this statement. So true.

To toot my own horn: whenever someone at work asks why I never react or engage with the idiots who are screaming at me, my response is almost always, “Because I could ragdoll them, and I don’t need that on my conscience.”

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Your response is much better than mine. My answers are that I need the paycheck and don’t want to go to jail. They would charge me and give me the max sentence if I crossed the line. Gotta make examples out of cops, ya know?

I’ve seen enough horrible people that I don’t think it would bother my conscience one bit to throat punch one of them.


This is why I could never be a police officer. I get angry just watching loud-mouthed idiots insulting police on TV. Huge respect for the officers who are doing the job every day in real life, it’s a huge responsibility.

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It’s been one of those weeks. My unit was assigned to some special follow up on gun crimes. I enjoyed it but I didn’t get to work out Tuesday - Thursday.

I played basketball last night. I felt better since my legs weren’t sore from lifting. I could’ve worked out this morning, but my back is jacked up so I decided to rest everything.

I spent Sunday and Monday evening fighting with my new rack. I found some bolts that were hidden from my regular view. I also ended up disassembling the entire cable rigging. I’d hoped to avoid that but no luck. I had to take off the pec deck arms, as well. I finally got it inside Tuesday morning and finished reassembling the cables this morning.

In the end, the assembly was pretty simple. It was just difficult to me because I didn’t put it together so I didn’t get to see the process.

It’s ironic that I spent so much time assembling a piece of exercise equipment while simultaneously skipping workouts.


I think I just bought one of those bench/squat stand combos with 300 lbs of weight for $400. The only reason I bought it is because the weights alone are worth $400-500. I don’t need any of it. I’m going to resell it in pieces and make a profit.


It’s official. I snagged 305 lbs of weights plus a bar plus an adjustable bench and squat stands for $400. I’m keeping the extra set of 25s and selling the rest. Any profit I make will go towards the unnecessary purchase of bumper plates.


9.19.20 C2 W2 D1 - Legs

Well, this program is going to crap in a hurry. Basketball plus lifting is not working.

135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 3
245 x 3 x 5 sets

135 x 3
175 x 5 x 3 sets
Supposed to be five sets but nope.

275 x 3
365 x 1
445 x 1 x 3
Also supposed to be five sets.


2 x 10

Time to make some changes. I’m wrecked from basketball. I’m not sure what to do but this isn’t working.


Squats don’t feel terrible on the Saturday after basketball so they’ll stay. RFESS or reverse lunges will be a staple and I think I’ll do clean pulls. That’s it for squat day.

I’ll add a separate deadlift day back to the mid-week. I think it’ll still allow me to play basketball without having too much leg fatigue. Power cleans and RDLs will accompany them. Leg days will be short and sweet… except 5x5 doesn’t feel so sweet.

I’ll stick with 5x5 this week and do it again when I return from my vacation. I think my body will enjoy the break.

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