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Giddy Up! (JMaier)

Pull Day

I wrote out my training for the day before I got to the gym. I looked at it and thought it’d make a good circuit, so that’s what I did.

2 Warm-Up Rounds, then 30 Minutes of:

DB RDL 80 x 5
DB High Pull 80 x 5
Cable Row 70 x 10
Cable Pull Down 70 x 10
Rev Cable Fly 20 x 10
Cable Curl 30 x 10

Completed nine rounds right at the 30 minute mark. RDL’s and pulls got the heart rate up, rows and pull downs were tough and turned into rest/pause at times, reverse fly’s and curls were too easy. Oh, well. I burned some calories and hit 90 reps on a lot of stuff. Surely it’ll have some sort of positive effect, right?


Good work man. Love impromptu workout ideas like that.

Probably won’t be allowed to do those soon though I guess.

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I’m spinning my wheels right now. I’m working out because I enjoy it. The goal is always growth in muscle or strength, but I’m a realist. I’m not using one of my arms. Now isn’t the time to really pursue anything other than conditioning and maintenance.

It kind of sucks only using one arm. I feel like my left arm is really taking a beating because all of the stress is put on it. That’s strange because if I was healthy then I’d just double the load so my left arm would still be doing the same amount of work. There’s something odd about lopsided training.


I’m sure Dan John has written extensively about one arm training after crushing his at a meet (and then continuing to break the state record anyway, because he’s batshit). I didn’t pay much attention because I have two arms (I don’t get to brag much, let me have this one), but I’m confident it’s out there.


What the hell did you kidnap?

Good job cranking through even though you’re one-armed.


Hopefully a glute medius muscle.

It took me several hours to understand this statement. :smile:

I won’t have to worry because the program I’m running for the challenge is CrossFit inspired. I’ll be doing different workouts every day.

On a side note - my leg soreness is sucking the life out of me. It hurts to move. Or sit. Or stand. Or lie down.

I promised myself (or more accurately, the missus), I’d never do that to myself again after I fucked my legs up so badly a few years ago. They would just give way underneath me with no warning, I had to stop picking my son up (he was a proper baby at the time).

I’ve deliberately put a few areas of variety into my training because I know I’m going to need them. I’m excited by it now, by Christmas I’m willing to bet I won’t be.

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Woke at 212.8 lbs. I’m taking the day off. My legs are smoked and tomorrow is push day again.

I suspect I’ll feel the same way. The workouts I’ll be doing will built my conditioning. They’re going to hurt.

I’ve always wished I could throw “proper” into sentences with the ease you guys can.

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J-noass-Maier -----> J-thunderbuns-Maier !


As with anything there’s risk/reward ratio. I’ve done some blast and cruise as well as mixed things up with a few other compounds. Here’s my take away for what it’s worth…

  1. If your training and nutrition isn’t perfect then don’t bother. You see these men’s physique competitors and yes they use steroids but the bigger factors are their diet. Training and genetics.
  2. HGH or a peptide that will boost your IGF1 levels will help tremendously inspite of your diet and training. When I use sermorelin or ghrp2 I stay way leaner and can pretty much cheat when I want
  3. Less is more. Use as little as possible to get the results your looking for. People say go right up to a 500mg test only blast, but if your TRT is 100-150mg per week you’ll see great results on 300. Save the higher doses for years down the road if ever.
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Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it!

  • When I’m locked in, my training and nutrition are solid

  • I’ll look into peptides but I’m not sure what is legal to buy in the US and what is not (NewB to this aspect of the game)

  • I was planning to maybe go the 500mg route out of the gate, but I like the idea of going with 300mg/wk and seeing what the results are (still doing a lot of research on how to approach this)
    *I’m 48 now so years down the road means a little something different than if I were 28.

  • Truth be told, I’m 10-12 weeks away (at least) before I do anything as I am just starting back on both TRT and my training regimen.

  • Need to get my hormone levels dialed in and my training plan locked down first


Oh and make sure to have some sort of estrogen management in place. Some guys don’t need it, but I always have. I go the anastrozole route. Others say tamoxifen is better. You can read a lot on that topic. You can get sermorelin and Ipamorelin legally, just need to find a doc willing to write it. Only to get HGH is to go the UGL route and of course that’s not legal.

From what I read ipamorelin wont increase hunger like sermorelin and is geared towards burning fat and anti-aging properties. You’ll be looking at 2-300 dollars a month though with either peptide and daily injections

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Yeah, before I switched TRT docs, they had my Test Cyp compounded with Ana and it crashed my E2. Pretty sure I’m an over-responder to Ana so I will either go a diff route or run without an AI and see how that works out. I’d probably have some Ana on hand just in case I start to see any Gyno.

As with most things… I’m working with Defy now for TRT and they mentioned trying to get my IGF-1 up anyway, so maybe we’ll sort all of that out as we go.

I’ll do some research on ipamorelin and sermorelin. Thanks again.



Woke at 212.2 lbs. It seems that 2800 cals w/ 50% carbs one day and 2300 cals with 20% carbs on the other day results in maintenance for me. I guess it’s not drastic enough to drop weight in a hurry. I’ll try to continue as is and see what happens. I used the TDEE calculator to find my “maintenance” and it’s supposed to be 3400 cals/day. The suggested setup was to use 90% and 75% of that. For me, that was 3000 and 2500. I’m already below that and still maintaining weight. It’s only been about five days but I tend to see big fluctuations on the scale - especially after a 2300 calorie, low carb day. Oh, well.

Today is my push workout again. My pull workout is starting to set in and I feel worn out from that little beast. Tabata leg press will be replaced with Tabata Smith Machine Squats and DB Push Press will just be DB OHP.

Sometimes I feel like I’m working awful hard on my legs for someone who just wants to maintain my current muscle mass…

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I’m bored at work. I pulled up YouTube and was not disappointed. The first video…


That’s farking awesome… goliath grouper kicking their asses!!

I’ve been hoping to see some of these monsters when diving out here in Florida.

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No, thanks! I’m not necessarily afraid of the ocean, but there is some stuff I’d just rather not see in person. I know there’s stuff out there that could swallow me whole.

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Push Day

Man, this was so much better without push press and leg press.

12" box step ups x 10 ea
Scap push ups at 30-40* angle x 15
Chest supported reverse fly PT style x 12

30 x 10
35 x 8
40 x 6
45 x 4
50 x 7
Increase weight next time.

25 x 10 ea x 3 sets
I might increase the load to challenge myself or I might continue slacking off. This is for hip health purposes anyway. I left the muscular work to Tabata Squats.

50 x 10
55 x 8
60 x 6
65 x 4
70 x 4
Big improvement over 70 x 0 from Monday! I figured out how to do a quarter rep and let the weight drop to get a little bit of bounce on the first rep (similar to the first rep of OHP).

bar x 15 for all 8 sets

60 x 20, 15, 13

30 x 10, 8
30 x 6
20 x 6
10 x 8

50 x 14, 11, 11

Mixed in some PT stuff at the end. Some things hurt because I’m sore from yesterday’s PT session and some things felt great.

I forgot to mention I started curling this week!!! 7 lbs with 5 sec eccentrics, baby!