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Giddy Up! (JMaier)

Well, I have some disappointing news. I finally measured how much creamer I’ve been putting in m coffee lately and it’s not good. I’ve basically been drinking 200 calorie cups of coffee… about four to six per day. :man_facepalming:

Today was meant to be a high carb day and I’ve succeeded by eating tons of junk - chicken and waffles for lunch and leftover pizza. I’ll try again tomorrow; it’s a low carb day.

Here’s a snapshot of my training plan for the next five weeks. Ignore the finishers and complexes. Those are ideas for the future. I’m just going to do a simple push/pull until I’m released. I’m really leaning towards the CrossFit Bodybuilding stuff for my challenge.

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I actually like them sometimes. I prefer the chest-supported T-bar row, but these are ok in a pinch. I have to go pretty light and get very high on the bench to get what I want out of them.

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It’s the one armed factor. It’s just not the same.


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Woke at 213.8 lbs.

6.38 miles, 30 minutes

Spent all afternoon watching the CrossFit Games and figured I’d better get my butt outside and do something. I supposedly burned 313 calories so that should offset the three drinks I’m about to have for dinner :smile:.



Woke at 210.8 lbs. I guess yesterday’s hunger was worth it. I was a little over on my carbs and under on everything else. Today is a high carb day. It might actually be tough to eat enough carbs. That has me questioning the point of carb cycling. If I struggle to eat enough one day, and feel deprived on the other, then what am I doing? But then I realized that I’m not comfortable with this, and that’s exactly why I need to suck it up and just do it. I’ve never done it before and it could be what I need to actually see some changes.

If I can get my body fat down between now and September 10th, then I would feel comfortable taking on a very small surplus during my commitment challenge. I would be combining the HIIB training with carb cycling to really test Ryan Fischer’s programs, and myself.

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Push Day

85 x 10 each
95 x 8
105 x 6
115 x 4
125 x 4

superset with

55 x 10
60 x 8
65 x 6
70 x 4
75 x 4
I might swap these out for regular DB OHP. My elbow gets angry on the eccentric and that would be much lighter on OHP. That’s why this is a trial program.

50 x 10
55 x 8
60 x 6
65 x 4
70 x 0
Couldn’t get the first rep. If I could overcome that first rep then I probably had three in me.

366 x 18, 18, 18, 15, 13, 11, 9, 11
This might be the last time you see this as well. I can squat on the Smith, and that might be better for my health. I start to feel weird things during the late rounds of this - like my lower back working and a strange sensation in my right hip (the one with the torn labrum).


60 x 19, 10, 9

20 x 15, 12, 8 + 15 partials

40 x 16, 10, 8

Another good session. I’m not sure how my upper body is faring. My legs are getting torched and the lateral raises are stimulating my left delt. I’m not sure about the rest, though. Single arm training is awkward.

Yo!!! What’s up brother? I’m back from the dead. I need to start a new training log but wanted to check in with you on what you’re up to (I’ll go read through some of your log).


It’s a ghost!

Man, I’ve been through a lot since you started your hiatus. It looks like you stopped logging back in February of '18, so I’ll start there.

After my hip rehab, I began training normally in late March of 18. In June I hit new PRs or matched old ones on the big three lifts. Deadlift - 545, squat - 370, bench - 305

My shoulder started getting cranky and my conditioning was crap after that program so I tried some CrossFit type stuff for a bit. The first time I did front squats I had pain in my hip again. I still battle that now, but that derailed the rest of 2018 for me. Everything was trial and error, rest, modifications, etc. I didn’t really have a solid approach to my training.

I tried my last ever bulk last year. I was 217 when I had hip surgery in Dec 2017. I topped out at 250 in October. I’m now 210-213. I don’t know if I added any muscle, but once I started cutting I couldn’t stop until I reached the physique you can now see in my avatar.

In October (when I was 250), I dunked while playing basketball and had a pop in my shoulder. It turns out that I subluxed my biceps tendon in my right shoulder. It wouldn’t stay in the groove anymore so I had surgery June 5th. Tomorrow marks the nine weeks point of my rehab for that. I’m on light duty at work and still unable to lift with my right arm. The summer has just been a maintenance program of legs, left arm, and cardio on the machines.

That pretty much covers everything in a nutshell. I just started a new Challenge in the Bigger Stronger Leaner thread. It’s a commitment challenge. Pick a program and run it from September through the end of the year. It’s for people like me who have training ADD.

Welcome back! Hope all is well. I saw a post about a shoulder surgery in the T-ransformation thread from '18. Hopefully you’re all healed up with no long standing issues. I think I also saw a post about a new job and moving?

Edit: I saw your replies in Duke’s log. Livin in Florida temporarily and healed up from a shoulder debridement, but not training. I just tagged you on Instagram. I’ll be doing Ryan Fischer’s High Intensity Interval Bodybuilding stuff. It looks like I’m going to puke a lot, but it’ll be good for me. If brutally hard training is your thing then I’d be happy to have you “train with me” starting around September 10th.



Woke at 212.6 lbs. Guess that’s my “full” weight. I was pretty close to nailing my nutrition yesterday. I came in a little low on fat and protein (but I ate enough protein for my liking). I was a little over on carbs, but I consider that a win since it was tough to get them all in. Today is 2300 calories with 20% of that being carbs. I brought scrambled eggs with T-bone steak, stir fry veggies, and shredded cheese for meal #1.

Won’t be able to start until September 30 when I’m done with Best Damn High Volume Workout for Natties. But I’m up for the challenge all the same.

Was planning on running the same program as last year (Beyond 1.1 & 1.2). But may take advantage of the challenge opportunity to do something new …

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Sounds awesome! You’ll just be a few weeks behind me. And finishing a program before you start is definitely the spirit of the challenge.

Damn man… Lot’s of highs and lows for you. Great job sticking to it through the surgeries and challenges. No excuses on my end; I’m just a jackass sometimes =)

Yeah, I’ll check out the Ryan Fischer’s High Intensity Interval Bodybuilding and see what that’s like.

I pulled up my Triumvirate log and thought about re-starting what I had planned with that (2 cycles of 5-3-1 Triumvirate followed by beach body challenge) but I’m open to ideas.

Hitting the gym tonight which will be the first night of second week - just getting back into things.

I’ve stayed leaner than I normally do when not training but not nearly as solid as I was when I was rolling 5-3-1 Tri.

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@JMaier31 - are you going to do a cycle while doing the HIIB starting in Sept?

Do you have Ryan’s ebooks and is there a specific program you’re going to follow or are you going to do your own programming based on his HIIB principles?

If by cycle, you mean supplements or better, then no. I’m still all natural. I might take some creatine and beta alanine to help with the repeated bouts of all out exercise, but that’s it.

I got my hands on some of his programs. I’m going to start with the 30 Days of DB’s. Ryan has a program on his site called the Daily D and I think it’s a daily workout using DB’s only. He posts a lot of those as samples on his Instagram page so you can kind get some sample workouts.

As for the HIIB Volume 2.0 and HIIB-100 (programs from his site), they use a four day split - upper body, lower push, shoulders, lower pull. The 30 Days of DB’s doesn’t seem to follow that particular split.

Yes I meant AAS…

I hear ya on the all natural and of course your profession.

On the other hand, since I started TRT in April 2017, I’ve thought I might do something more than TRT levels just to see what effect it would have over 12 weeks or so.

I’ve been on and off TRT 3 times since 2017 though given my move from TX to PA then from one city in PA to another and now finally in south Florida.

Finally got hooked up with Defy medical which is based in Tampa and Dr. Saya has a great rep in the TRT forum on here. I’ll start my new protocol next week. My last labs showed total T = 276 ng/dL and Free T at 3.6 pg/mL. Any lower and I’d start developing multiple vaginas.

I’ll go check out the site and check on 30Days of DBs for sure.


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I have to admit that about 90% of the reason I haven’t crossed over to the dark side is just the simple fear of screwing up a perfectly good endocrine system. If I were to need TRT, then I’d probably do what they call blast and cruise. If I’m already doomed to inject my test for the rest of my life then I’d have a little fun with it.

I’m sure you’ve done your research on it, but @jackolee has experience with that. He might be a good resource if you have any remaining questions.

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Yeah, in my return I’ve started looking at the blast and cruise option given that I’ve hit the TRT path.

Many of my buddies used gear along the way and I think I was in the same place with the ‘fear’ of screwing up my system. At this stage though, I am very curious about the options and wonder what @jackolee might have to say.

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Off Day Cardio

20 min Interval, L1/L5, 1.8 something miles. The machine said I burned over 230 calories. I entered the workout into my Fitbit after the workout and it said I only burned 126 calories.

60 x 12, 10, 8

BW x 15 ea x 3 sets

2 x 10 w/ 3 sec hold at top

Pretty bland workout. I kind of just went through the motions. I watched an interview with Matt Fraser while I cruised on the elliptical. It distracted me pretty well.


8.7.19 (Nine Weeks Post-Op)

Woke at 212.0 lbs.

I am sore, sore, sore from Monday’s training. My whole lower half is tender. Haven’t done tray m that to myself in awhile.

Pull session later today and I get to eat carbs all day. :slightly_smiling_face: