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Gibbs Grilled Over Pre-Packaged Questions


In a word....BUSTED.


That was great!!!!


I seriously hate politicians, and I don't really hate too much. Every time he asked if they had e-mailed thier questions I felt my blood pressure getting higher and higher.



Is the media starting to grow some teeth? How could anybody belive this crap they are pulling. This is all invited and staged stuff....a TV production and commercial.

Our leaders are picking their favorite cherries and will not allow opposing views or real questions.

I would not be surprised if these 2 journalists are booted soon.

I wonder if they hasseld him today like Gibbs said they could after the infomercial town hall scam??

Have you e-mailed him yet?


It would really really make me happy if the media actually started doing what they are supoosed to be doing, Asking really hard, tough questions and not relenting until they get an answer. For far too long our media has enabled these monsters to wiggle through every possible crack to avoid having to show thier true colors. Maybe the true colors are actually starting to scare even the media. Please please please be the case.



If the media turns on obama, his aggressive push to socialize us will grind to a halt.


As his poll numbers continue to decline they will man up. Fox had something like 10 out 10 in the top 10 cable shows this last round. Even the idiots at MSNBC and CNN have to notice that.




It's really nice that he has this as a policy, now if they could just start to follow that policy we would all be in good shape, unfortunately they are doing the opposite of this, so this is the problem.



There's no way Gibbs will be there for another year. He's been taking a beating. The wicked witch is all over him.