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There's already a whole thread for discussing the myriad ways the Niners are going to physically dominate the Giants next week. I'll be there. Avatar wager on the game?


see: NFL thread.


looks like the refs couldn't give the game to the packers, lol


I don't care about your NFL thread. This deserved its own thread. Because the Giants are rollin like it's 2007


Just like the packers were supposed to. And the Falcons.

This is gonna be a 1991 style ass beating.


No... He means like the 49ers already did earlier this year.


And they barely beat the Cowboys. :slightly_smiling:



Put your avatar where your mouth is.


All I will say is DB if Irish takes it and loses, please give him a Ronald Reagan AVI



That's EXACTLY what I was thinking. Or perhaps Chairman Mao or Jim Morrison. How 'bout it Irish? Avatars on the line. If the Niners win you have to sport the avatar of my choice until Opening Day of the baseball season.


Fuck it. The Giants never make it this far so I may as well put my pride on the line too.

I'll agree to the avatar of your choice until April 1st.

But then, I don't really know what gets under your skin, so picking one for you is going to be a tough one for me.


That's the FightinIrish I know! Alright! I love a good wager to spice up a game. A good friend of mine is from New York and is a diehard Giants fan. We've got haircuts on the line for this game. The winner gets to give the loser a mohawk. No hats for one week.

As far as what gets under my skin, I guess you never read the Steve Jobs thread. I think an avatar with a picture of him or an iPhone or a big Apple emblem would be hard to handle. In fact, the Apple emblem might be the best because it has a dual meaning of sorts since New York is after all the Big Apple.


Alright. No points, straight bet.

Ronald Reagan avatar for me if Blue loses, a bigass Apple logo for you if Blue wins.


^ Irish, DB hates the cowboys. :slight_smile:


As a Cowboys fan I am behind Irish on this. Yall better put the smackdown like the Cowboys beat them in the regular season.


Wait you are a Cowboys fan, where you been in the NFL thread. I have been so alone.


I am there in spirit Derek and reinforcements are on the way.


Fuck you.


Awesome, I catch shit pretty much all year in that thread, and I normally start that thread every year.