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Giants Live Wembely



I keep getting notifications on Facebook about this and wondered if anyone had any thoughts about it.

The advert says £50,000 to break the world record dead lift. But is anyone going to go for it? I think I read it event one - of five. So win this event lose the rest surly. Eddie screwed him self up doing the 500kg. I can’t see anyone doing a 501kg+ and then being competitive afterwards. Although for £50,000 would you sacrifice a chance to qualify for the worlds. I’m not aware enough of the qualification process - will losing this event matter?

I’m looking for the list of events and could not find it. I want to see Iron Biby press. The man is insane. I think the race to 230kg is wide open. And once one breaks is - the rest of the field are going to go nuts and it could be at 235kg within a year or two.

Adam Bishop - I saw this guy in an under 20’s event on TV years ago. I’m glad he stuck it out as he was good back then. And to out preform some of the guys he did in England’s Strongest man… Wow. I mean baring Eddie that was the best the UK has to offer.

Larry Wheels - Interested in seeing how he does. I’ve not seen anything of his strong man stuff for a while.

Over all - I think its going to be a great watch. I can’t wait.



Benni suffered a recent hamstring injury, I believe he pulled out of the comp, but I could be mistaken. Either way, I don’t think anyone is gonna pull 501.

I don’t follow a ton of strongman, but I’m super excited to see Larry wheels compete. I’ve been following him since he was strictly a powerlifter. He dropped a YouTube video today saying he’s confident he’ll pull 1000lbs at the comp. Even though I’m a powerlifter, I’m most excited to see how Larry performs at strongman events other than the deadlift. I don’t know of a list of events, but I think Larry said in the video that he’s going to be pressing a 150kg safe. I should also mention, I think that 1000lbs is a little ambitious for Larry, but who knows.


I think he’s still competing.


I’ve been looking and LW seems to have a max 900lb dead lift that I can see. So 1000lb would be some jump.

I like the pressing medley. I’m a bit of a Dan John fan when it comes to strength. And picking up random items and putting them over head is one of the best tests of strength in my eyes.

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That’s I think the biggest reason I don’t want to see strong man go to standardized equipment. Will immediately take a lot of the novelty out of the sport.

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I agree 100%. I dislike the idea of strong man being too technical. I like that unpredictability of the equipment. And the rawness of it all.

Does the strongest person all ways win an event? No. Some times its the one with the best technique. But by keeping random pressing events in there - you kid of limit this. And I think that’s great.