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Giant Study on Prevention of Hangovers

Mrs. (Dr.) Jewbacca was editing a to-be-published paper on a large study regarding the prevention of hangovers.

Long story short, taking a borage capsule (aka “starflower oil” – it’s a plant from Syria/Israel, but used in most of Europe), two fish oil capsules, and a 5mg rosavatin (Crestor) with a bottle of water PRIOR TO DRINKING eliminated hangover symptoms in 65% of the test symptoms and greatly decreased hangovers in most everyone else.

Interestingly for here (which is why I am posting), they used Biotest’s own Flameout in the study in at least one round of the testing.

It was a large study, with over 100 undergrads in Tel-Aviv given a fixed amount of alcohol to reach a given BAC by bodyweight. They tried several combinations of remedies (i.e., fish oil alone, fish oil and Crestor alone) etc.

It was somewhat subjective, in that researchers asked participants questions on a scale of 0-9 about symptoms the next morning. So there is a human factor involved. (There is really no good way to ask about a hangover, except to ask the person.) But the repeated the study several times and consistently came out with the best results with the above-combo.

Interestingly, they haven’t a clue why this works. The hypothesis is it has to do with inflammation, in the borage, crestror, and fish oil are all noted for anti-inflammatory properties.

For those without access to crestor, fish oil and borage worked almost as well.

I’ve tried this myself due to having to drink on closing dinners, and am of the opinion that it chops down a hangover by about 80%.

Study is currently going through peer review, so it’s probably about a year out, but it’s all the talk at Israel’s college campuses.

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yes! finally we can drink more and get the same hangover as before.

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That’s actually one of the peer criticisms of the study. They view this as an enablement for over-consumption, as it makes the pain bearable.

Given I feel like crap if I have two glasses of wine, this is a big deal to me.


In my experience, I found the most effective hangover preventer is not drinking.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Buzz Killington.

I watched a documentary on alocohol on netflix a few weeks ago. They did their own (poorly conducted) test and found that the starflower did inf fact help. beyond that the documentary was fluffy and essentially a waste of time.

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having never had a drink, how can you be so sure?

Zero hangovers so far :wink:

Also, not drinking seems to prevent tiger attacks.

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touché, my man.

However, if you wake up tomorrow hungover and being mauled by a tiger you will have to rethink your strategy.


I think that would drive me to drink.


I used to slug half a bottle of pedialyte right when I went to bed after a heavy night of drinking and then the other half when I woke up in the morning…no idea if it truly helped or it was just youthfulness at the time.

On a side note, at one point I thought it was brilliant to kill two birds with one stone and mix my Sailor Jerry’s directly into my grape pedialyte…yeah…would not recommend that…

Interesting, I’ve found Bombay Sapphire gin prevents tiger attacks, and malaria, when drunk with a proper tonic.

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Not surprised. There was some research on each of the items suggested.

One thing that was bad was taking an aspirin prior to drinking. This sped the rate of alcohol absorption, again by means completely unknown.

This man has class

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