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Giant Statues


A thread about freaksihly big statues.

This is The King of Kings (TD Jesus)that burned down last year. It was located in Monroe, Ohio near Cinnci. The statue was 65 feet tall I think. One of the freakiest things I've ever seen and couldnt get near it sober.

Its being rebuilt I think but this time its being made with lightning supression and will be less flammable.

I've also heard about an Athena statue in Tennesse but missed the chance of seeing it while I was there. Its supposed to have feaky blue eyes or something....

So uh, ever see any big ass statues that freaked you out?


Slightly off topic and I haven't seen them in person, but when I saw the Buddhas of Bamiyan blown up by the Taliban on the news it was one of the saddest sights I've seen.

They'd survived for 1400 years!


Yeah, this pissed me off to no end. Those statues were one of the surviving wonders of the ancient world.

I also remember seeing this "sporting event" where the Taliban drove a woman out into the middle of the Kabul soccer stadium, dragged her out of the back of a pickup by her hair, and then shot her in the head. (The news cut away right after the guy pulled out his gun.) Her crime? Adultery (supposedly). Meanwhile, they had banned using the stadium for soccer matches because they consider soccer and other sports to be an offense against religion. Really? And their use of the stadium is not, eh?

For these two reasons alone -- never mind sheltering Al Qaeda -- I truly wish these primitives would just drop dead. I'm all for cross-cultural understanding and tolerance, but these guys are just walking, talking excrement.


This is a weird one. Anyone from Seattle?


Simply astounding!




Interesting. Is this like your pocket game in sama?


I want to pay a visit to Volgograd soon so I can see this one. I love it.


Holy shit that's impressive!


If we're talking general sculptures using a variety of medium then these have always struck my eye, mainly as they're on UK soil- Antony Gormley's work


Andy Scott


More Andy Scott


And this guy is simply a genius with mixed media - silicone and the like.

Ron Mueck


It's a crying shame that burned down, seriously. Beautiful work so it is.


I just googled Ron Meuck. Amazing stuff, totally amazing.


Indeed. It's all very in your face as well. Like the boy above who seems to be thinking "stop looking at me..."


This is. Awe-inspiring. I am definitely checking this place out.


Truly beautiful. Such a shame they're gone.


We better hurry, it may collapse at some point.
There's another one somewhere, but bit smaller.

Its name is "Motherland Calls".


^^^^^^Now that is one seriously large lump of concrete. This shows the scale compared to the Statue of Liberty.