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Giant Spiders


I went golfing today and shanked a ball into the bushes. As I was about to hit the ball i couldnt help but take notice a huge 5 by 5 foot spider web that connected between two trees. There were 2 massive spiders i mean honestly had to be 6 inches in length.

Im a big guy and dont get scared often but holy crap i jumped out of my shoes. Are any of you all scared of spiders or stuff like that? Ive never seen a scorpion but i would imagine id be scared of them to.


You are superhuman and afraid of spiders? That doesn't bode well for the rest of us.

P.S. Especially Diana.






Spiders are awesome creatures. I try not to kill them in my home and usually take them outside. But something the size you describe is another story!

Occasionally I have dreams where I'm walking into a large room and there is a huge cocoon-like web on the ceiling, and inside are gigantic black spiders crawling around.
I awaken with the heebeejeebees.



Dude it's all about weapons. You had a golf club in your hand. You should not have been scared.


What color were these spiders and where were you geographically?


i hate bugs
snakes and stuff don't bother me though


Spiders are awesome.

It's the fucking maggots that freak me out. I'm not scared of them, though.


We used to go looking for spiders to fight them. The strongest ones usually come from rice plants and corn plants.

The tournaments were live and honestly, that's ONE OF the things I miss. Fortunately, I'll be flying to the Philippines in 3 days! HA!


Fuck that. You take one swing, and now you've potentially got one spider unpredictably flapping in the breeze on his torn web while the other one is already crawling up your shit.

I wish they weren't so fast.


A few nights ago I had a dream that my dog was a big tarantula. I took him to the dog park and we were playing fetch, you know, he was chasing the frisbee with his eight legs and cute little fangs. In all the fun and running around I stepped on him and killed him. In my dream, with his guts splattered all over my legs, I wept and wished I could just have a dog like all the normal kids.

Fortunately when I woke up he was as four-legged as always.


lol I want your dreams


Spiders are my biggest fear, however they eat a lot of bugs so if they are outside, it's ok.
BTW, there is a black one on the wall next to me, it hasn't moved in a while but I'm gonna have to deal wit the little asshole soon I guess. This is why I need a man around, fml.


Dude... FUCK... BATS

Those little winged rat bastards can kiss my hairy white ass. I am absolutely terrified by fucking bats in an enclosed space. Literally paralyzed with fear. Totally irrational and nothing I can do about it.

There I said it.


spiders dont really bug me, but bees now thats a whole different story. i wouldnt say im scared of them so much as they make me really really uncomfortable.

just today i was trying to eat my lunch and read my espn on my deck out back and i saw a wasp, which just completely ruined my lunch because the rest of the time i was constantly looking around making sure the bees werent coming. I own so much wasp killer spray its not even funny.


Where do you live ? Haha. That's nuts.


I saw a Fear Factor episode on Youtube where the contestants had to put a live spider in their mouths and keep it there for about a minute or so. The spiders were big like a tarantula. I loved watching that; I think I am sadistic or something.


I saw some science show testing the strength of spider silk. It's tensile strength is better than that of high grade steel. Pretty amazing stuff...


I hear you on that man. A few years ago I was at my Grandma's house helping her do some yard work and out of no where I turn a corner and am confronted by this giant ass Banana spider, freaked me the fuck out.