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Giant Sets & Rest Pause Workout

Since T-Nation is the place for weight training conversation and since I came up with this idea after reading a backlog of articles I thought I’d share what I’m going to try for the next 3 months or so as a stop gap measure as I juggle job, school, family, and lifting. My inspiration was simply, time. I needed to use it optimally until my schedule changes. I took information on giant sets (not super sets)rest pause,complexes and just a bit of the 5/3/1.

I workout on a leg-push-pull split. On the first exercise I take 5-7 progressively heavier warm up sets 'til I hit my top working weight. I then use a 30 second rest period and change in natural body leverage to continue the giant set–the weight on the bar always remains the same.

Pull Day is the worst: I warm up then do a strict set;
Pendlay Row prone grip [bent row would work] 3-4 reps. rest 30s
Supine grip (“Yates” or “Kelso”) row usually get 5-6 reps. rest 30s
BB Shrug for about 5-6 reps rest 30s
SLDL I got 4 reps (sucking wind)
Deadlift I got 6 reps (drenched in sweat and shaking)
I might then do a set of some form of a curl once my metcon is up

Push Day 1
Guillotine Press 4-5 careful reps. rest 30s
Close Grip: 5-6 reps. rest 30s
Flat Bench: 6-8 reps
Grab to light plates and do 12-20 side lateral raises

Leg Day
Overhead Squat: 3 rest 30s
Front Squat: 5-6 rest 30s
Squat: 8-10 rest 30s
Combine Hise Shrug breathing with BB calf raise: 10-15 (this sucks)

Push Day 2
(sit at bench press) Seated OH Press 2-4 reps. rest 30s
Guillotine Press: 5-6 careful reps. rest 30s
Close grip: 5-6 reps. rest 30s
Flat Bench: 5-8 reps.

What this means is that the Bent row, OH press, Front Squat, and Close Grip Bench are my heavy compound “increase my strength” exercises. The OH Squats and Guillotine press while taxing serve more as a final hard warm up set because of leverages (for me). If I keep getting “strong” at these movements then I’m functionally strong. The rep ranges for the other exercises are more in line with myofibril hypertrophy and the total amount of reps done in such a condensed time frame contributes to sarcoplasmic swelling. Lastly the almost tabata (I’m not claiming this is that, just sort of similar)pacing leaves me gasping enough to think some metcon effect is going on.

With the initial warm ups for the beginning low rep compound exercise set then subsequent 30 second rests, I can do these workouts in 10 minutes or so and feel DONE, even brutalized.

I’ve only done this through twice and I like it so far. However I cooked this up by making a hodgepodge of other, better studied, methods so I could be bat shit crazy and doing something stupid. Because of that I’m curious to what others think at first glance and if it can make my goals work.

My goals are 1: maximize time but still feel “worked”
2: maintain and increase strength on one big, primary compound exercise per kinetic direction of motion
3: stimulate both types of hypertrophy if possible
4: achieve at least a modest metcon benefit.

Am I spinning my wheels here or does it seem possible? If I’m doing something silly I’d rather learn early in the cycle and try something else out.

Thanks guys, interested in your opinions.

Hopefully you will not hurt yourself.
Pics after-before you have an info-mercial to sell whatev

I have no idea what you are saying.
I can’t tell if this is a complete mock because I’m doing something crazy dumb in your eyes or if it’s a more good natured jest that complexes initiated by low end rep work can be hard by the time you’re all finished.

On the other hand any post ending in “whatever” is something I’m going to assume is being rudely dismissive.

I put some thought into it and tried to be logical in construction and application and still be open to input from more experienced lifters.

I can’t tell from the way you wrote if you’re simply bemused because I’m overlooking something silly and obvious or if you’re just kind of doing a troll-by-posting. Not accusing you of being an ass on purpose–just admitting your post went over my head in terms of answering my question.

edit: it also just occurred to me that since I just got home from a shitty day that I totally missed your point because freeways are filled with douche’ bags and read derisive sarcasm in a post that didn’t have any in it at all–in which case excuse my bad day and sorry.

Mister pulphero, after reading your Original Post i looked at your profile that mentioned you are 42. I was somewhat shocked that at your age you did not see the obvious(to me)fault in your plan. It mentioned
" Lastly the almost tabata ".

I did some Tabata a few months back and safety is a major concern. Being totally exhausted under some weights might not be the smartest way to go.

Frankly you sound like a 16 yo kid who just learned that his real dad might have give him great genetics and decides to loose 100 pounds and win a gold medal in olympic lifting within 4 weeks.

Having more than 1 goal is not a problem but dreaming to achieve all in allmost no time . . .
Maybe being older i tend to include reality.
I might be wrong.

Just ask around before puting yourself at risk.
Commercials oversell saying get it all investing just a tiny bit.
So i might have written, IMHO not possible in a safe way.