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Hey this might seem a little odd, but I’ve been wondering. I have 15 and half inch arms (I’m not a body builder just an athlete) and being 15 years old I didn’t know if that was a good girth or not. Any responce welcome.

Depends a lot on your body fat levels. A ripped 16 inch arm looks much better than a 20 inch fat arm with no definition.

Don’t make the mistake of many before you. Train smart, get stronger, and stop worshipping the tape measure. Look to your training log and your mirror (at your pooch) as your judge. Whaddya weigh? How tall? Chin performance? Weighted dip performance?

how tall are you and how much do you weigh? laters pk

How exactly did you come by that number? Meaning, was it a flexed measurement or arm hanging limp by side?

how long havy work oout and with what equipment did you use most

Hey thanks for the input, put Im 6’ about 225 (useing a skin caliper I’m around 10-12% BF) It was measured useing a piece of string around my arm then measured by a tape measure. I was flexing. I’m a lineman so total body size is an issue but I really don’t care for body building, so I train for strength. Any more questions?

At 225 and 10-12% bodyfat I don’t see how you can have 15 1/2 inch arms. Your arms should be alot bigger at that fat %. Maybe you measured body fat wrong. I weigh 165 and have 15 1/4 arms at 12% bodyfat.

Just keep lifting and eating. focus on pressing,rowing, and all pulling. your arms will be large soon enough. dont worry with specific arm work right now. keep with the basics and soon you wont need a measuring tape to tell you that your arms are big. your sleeves will tell you.

you’re doing well dude, much better than i had at your age. I think that the average (ripped) bicep diameter for a 1970’s pro bodybuilder was about 17", but nowadays they all tend to average 20 or more.

Ummmmmm their small dude.

If you are a TRUE 6’ 225lbs and 10-12% bodyfat then you have tiny arms, especially since you were flexing in that measurement. When I was that size, my arms were 16.5 inches cold and about 18 pumped. However, your measurements could be wrong and your bodyfat is more than likely way off since you’re a linemen. Calipers can be off by 5% or more. Answer these questions to determine a rough estimate of your bodyfat. Can you see your abs easily? Do you have visible veins in your arms, legs, calves? What’s your waist measurment?

I remember having 15" arms when I weighed about 160 my senior year in high school. At your weight, I agree with everyone else, your fat percentage is either off or you have small arms compared to the rest of your body. What is your waist size?

If you’re not a body builder, and you only train for strength, then does it really matter? (BTW, my arms are 25" cold and 40" pumped. I am about 2%bf which is mostly between my legs:)Also, I only use 8lb dumbells for alternating curls.