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Giant Clusters for Hypertrophy?

Recently read your article about GVT and making it work for Type 1a over at thibarmy site. using push pull legs split and working out 6 days a week. I started timer for 10 minutes immediately after my first set and performed sets of 2-4 reps. shooting for 30 reps before i am allowed to add weight. I rested 45secs to a minute between reps. Will this build a good bit of muscle? Is it hard to recover from?
My first 3 days log:
Push day 1
Dips with 70lbs added 3333222222 total 24reps
scrape rack press 90lbs 333333223 total 25 reps
Tri pressdowns 90lbs 788 normal 3sets
Lshoulder been tender for awhile. actually felt better after this day.

Pull day 2
Chins 35lbs 32222222222 total 23 reps
Pendley row 205lbs 22222222221 21 reps
BB curl 95lbs 654 normal 3 sets

Legs day 3
Safety squat bar squat 215lbs 322222222 19reps
Romanian deadlift 205 3343333334 35 reps
Safety bar calf 215 666.
My first time using safety squat bar. Noticed im alot stronger with zercher squat. Seem to feel my abs even more with safety squat and even though im using alot less weight i feel like im targeting legs better with safety squat.
Im 50 yearsold now so even though im a low rep guy i’d like to build some muscle.