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GI vs. II

I know most of us pay lots of attention to the GI and its effects on blood sugar levels. However, there are new studies that show that even though some foods might have a high rating on the glycemic index that it might not have as big an effect on the our insulin response.

My question or theory is that maybe some of us might be conditioned to certain foods better than others and our bodies do not have as strong an insulin response.

For example brown rice and wild rice have are much lower on the GI scale than plain white rice. Yet, my best fat loss/muscle gain results come with white rice as opposed to the two previous. Even when compared to sweet potatoes.

Could it be that my body is less insulin sensitive to foods that I have been raised on? Could this be a factor involved when we say everyone is unique and we have to find out what works for us?



White Rice II is lower than brown rice II, so despite having higher GI, white rice may be better. JB explained it in one of his articles…I think it was Appetite for Construction.