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GI of different rice

Hey guys, I am going to be starting a bulking phase pretty soon, and am looking to get some carbs from rice (I usually just rely on oatmeal, sweet potato, and veggies). I have looked at GI lists, looked through the archives here, but can’t determine what the best rice to choose would be…the only brown rice I can find is of the “10 minute” pre-cooked variety, so I assume that is pretty high GI. What is the deal with regular, long-cooking (20 mins or so), parboiled long-grain white rice (like Uncle Ben’s brand)? Not too bad of a GI, or horrible? While we’re at it, do you guys eat a lot of just old fashioned rolled oat variety oatmeal (like Quaker Oats), or do you get steel cut, lower GI stuff like McCann’s? I’m interested to hear what you everyone thinks.

Go to a specialty foods, or natural (hippie)market. They should have brown rice in bulk. Stay away from that minute rice/uncle bens/ processed crap.

We buy the oatmeal, rice, etc in bulk. It’s economical, too. Seriously, do avoid the pre-packaged rice crap.

Check out: www.mendosa.com/gilists.htm

Be sure to use the SECOND column, which lists foods’ GIs according to the glucose scale (the one to which most people are accustomed) rather than the white bread scale. It should answer your question and then some!

shit whats wrong with minute rice?

Patricia and ko: I might have to try buying some in bulk…thanks for the tip. Eric: I’m very familiar with that list…I actually went to it before anything else, but got confused when it said instant rice boiled in 1 minute has a glucose GI of 46, yet instant rice boiled in 6 minutes has a glucose GI of 90!!!

ko, I picked up some long grain brown rice in bulk from my local health food store…you must be sick of all the cooking questions, but how should I go about preparing it?

For one cup of rice add two cups of water or stock. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Brown rice takes about 35 to 40 minutes to cook. you can cut down the cooking time by soaking your rice for a few hours, you may need to add more water, depending on how much is soaked up by the rice.