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GI Mucus, Side Effect of TRT/HCG?

Hey guys. Here’s another one. Hope it’s not TMI.

I started noticing lots of mucus in my rectum a few months ago. It’s clear. Like egg whites. I went to a GI doctor but he couldn’t make any sense of it since I don’t have any other symptoms. He said for whatever reason my body is producing excess mucus in that region.

Right around the time when I first started noticing the excess mucus, I also realized my E2 was elevated. Around 39pg/ml. So I lowered my E2 using an AI to around 20, and it kind of seemed like the mucus was starting to clear up a bit.

I ended up accidentally going a bit too low with my E2 levels down to 14pg/ml. And all of a sudden the excess mucus came right back. So, maybe it’s not the E2 causing it.

So then I figured maybe it’s the HCG. I read that in women, when they get pregnant, their bodies produce more HCG and it causes excess mucus production in their cervix. Now, clearly I do not have a cervix, but I thought maybe the HCG is somehow contributing to the excess mucus in my back side. Well, I stopped the HCG altogether and it’s been about 2 weeks now and the mucus production has not changed at all.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I am almost certain that it is related to hormones. But I can’t pinpoint what is causing it.

Thanks. I know that many of us do not (justifiably I believe) think too much of most doctors when it comes to TRT. But, in other fields, there are in cases competent doctors.

In your case, if you haven’t, I would go to a highly qualified doctor, may be a specialist in internal medicine, and get a full work up, rather than assume it is necessarily a hormone problem. My 2 cents.

Thanks for your two cents. I actually went to my primary care doctor and he ran many tests. Nothing irregular was found. I also went to a GI doctor and a colorectal doctor. They found nothing. And I do not have any other symptoms. It seems like my symptoms started when I started tweaking my TRT protocol, which is why I feel like it is hormone related.

It’s most probably a coincidence. A lot of guys start TRT with an underlying condition (idiopathic) that is partially or fully responsible for the low-T.

Did you get a colonoscopy? I had the same symptom with no others and I ended up getting diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. The only way to diagnose that is from a biopsy.

I have not had a colonoscopy. So, this was your only symptom? Did your doctor treat you for UC? Has your symptoms gone away? It seems like a pretty benign symptom…

I did have a fecal calprotectin test done. It is used to diagnose UC and Crohn’s disease. My levels came back normal, meaning no inflammation in the GI tract.

Yeah, it just started abruptly and lasted for like 3 months before I went into the doctor.

Got a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with UI, they gave me some medication (mesalamine) and it went away pretty quickly. I stopped the meds and it used to come back occasionally, but I found that there are a few foods that trigger it. I stopped those foods and it hasn’t returned yet.

For me the foods are foods with a lot of fiber like apples and melons. And also cereal and milk. No idea why the milk because cheese and other dairy is fine for me.

Not eveything is TRT related

My daughter had this when she was younger, ended up that she had a leaky gut. Did not show as any inflammation, because there was none, and the mucus was essentially the body’s way of protecting her gut from a lack of good bacteria. We put her on the GAPs diet for about a month and it cleared it up. It also helped her with some cognitive issues she was having as well, so a double win.

Ah thanks for your input. I also thought maybe it was an issue with my gut bacteria so I ordered one of those stool tests from one of those companies that measure the amounts of bacteria in your gut. Hopefully I’ll get more answers. But I appreciate everyone’s response.

What you’re describing sounds like bile in your stool. So take a look at your liver labs in case you want to be thorough.

Hmm. I had my liver function test done and everything checked out. I believe bile is a dark yellow color. The mucus I am experiencing is a completely clear, watery/jelly like substance. Looks like raw egg whites.

At this point bag it up and send it to a lab.