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GI Joe Spoof with Bodybuilding Influence

I’ve been working on these cartoons for quite some time and I finally put them up online. In this one

my jacked uber-manly character goes on a tangent about squats and core strength that I thought my fellow T-Nationers might find funny.
On that note, I’m getting to bed because I have plenty of squats to do tomorrow morning.

I like em’ a lot man.

Best one.

Pretty funny shit


Not too bad, I’ll definitely watch it again later when I can crank the volume a bit higher but it was good from what I could hear.


LMAO!!! Good one!

Hey, thanks for the responses. These all took me quite a bit of time to do, so it’s nice to get positive feedback. I have plans for a couple shorts by the end of this month.

One episode I have planned, but further out, will pit the workout styles of my Butch character - the large, muscular repressed homosexual - versus a new trainer the Extra Special Ops hired from the former Soviet Union who’s all about functional strength.