GI Issues with Egg Protein?

Does egg protein have the same constipation effect as whey protein?

I have a GI problem and it’s difficult to get enough protein intake.

But I can’t crap for a few days if I have even one whey protein drink. Even if I mix it with magnesium and fiber.

I’m wondering if egg protein would be better. Been considering an Egg White Protein.

Any thoughts?

[update: I decided to do an experiment… I bought some egg white protein to test on myself. If I don’t post back, you know what happened to me]

Update day 2: I’m still alive and I can still poop too. Much different than the whey proteins I’ve used. Let’s see what happens after a couple more days.

For those who have problems with whey, I can confirm that egg white protein does not cause constipation like whey protein does, not for me anyway… if taken with a bit of magnesium citrate and fiber mixed in the drink. I’m finally getting enough protein intake. Only downside is that the egg white protein I’m using is terribly expensive.

You should write and submit a scientific paper in regards to your mind boggling test and results. This could be Noble Prize material.

i heard meat has protein in it.

West: I submitted by paper this morning. It’s long gone, down the toilet.

BONEZ: Can’t eat much, hiatal hernia and GI problems. For me it is easier to drink food.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
i heard meat has protein in it. [/quote]


[quote]WestCoast7 wrote:

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
i heard meat has protein in it. [/quote]


Yeah we need that, and none of those studies funded by farmers either!