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GI & Insulin triggers???

So what is the cause of insulin stimulation Protein or carbs? The first article says carbs, the second, protein.

Reductions in insulin levels were found, which makes sense in the absence of carbs?

  • From the Muscle & Fitness review in this issues Ghost Dawg

So why the big insulin response with bran? Well, it could be the fact that the bran meal contained 15g of protein while the corn flakes meal contained only 1g of protein. Since protein promotes a large insulin response when combined with carbohydrate, the all bran cereal may have a low GI for the same reasons milk has a low GI ? the protein content.?

  • From Glycemic Index of Different Breakfast Cereals is Not Due to Glucose Entry into Blood But by Glucose Removal by Tissue (Schenk et al.) Four Years of Frigidity

P.S. This is not a smart arse question. Could someone please answer. I have been a member for a while (9 months) so this isn’t some newbie diss is it??

Insulin is secreted primarily in response to a disruption in blood glucose homeostasis. That is, when carbs are ingested, you are guaranteed an insulin response (unless of course, we’re talking small amounts and/or of the fibrous variety). Protein can also stimulate insulin, but it’s not nearly as potent as carbs. However, a large meal of protein will likely cause insulin to be secreted.

In addition, certain amino acids, fatty acids (via a gastric peptide hormone), and fructose have all been shown to be insulin potentiators, meaning that they tend to magnify the insulinemic response.

If you poke around at mercola.com you’ll find some articles on insulin; probably more than you want to know. An alternate viewpoint on insulin is that it can be viewed as a storage hormone rather than a blood sugar control hormone. If blood sugar gets too high, insulin is triggered to force glucose into storage. I don’t know if this is a good viewpoint or not, but it sure is an interesting one.

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