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Heres a question for you nutrition buffs/ Im in the military and had to recently switch to a new chow hall, the old place offered good selections (oatmeal, long grain brown rice, and non-sticky white rice). The new place offers almost exclusively semi-sticky white rice, fried potato wedges, grits and cerial(wheeties, cheerios). Now of those selections which would have the most desirable GI/II, what would you eat?

I would stay away from anything fried, especially white potatoes (high GI index). Cheerios are a 74 on the GI (I’m sure Wheaties are lower, but not really good). I know that Ronnie Coleman eats grits, so they can’t be that bad. Not sure, though. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Not the gospel here by ant means, but the rule of thumb about the II is that when carbs are combined with Protein or Fat, the II increases. However, the GI decreases. My feeling is that the fired potatoes wedges are worst of that list. As long as the rice isn’t instant, it’s not so bad. As afr as grits go, I have no idea what’s in them so I’ll have to defer to MR. Coleman.