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GHRP6 & CJC1295 IV

I’ve just started doing some research into GHRP and CJC and all practical applications refer to sub Q dosing, however medical studies in rats are dosing IV with much more effectiveness.
Has anyone administered IV?

I’m tossing up between trying this and using insulin/GHRP/CJC sub q post workout @ 5iu/100/50.
and 100/50 in the mornings.

Additionally, what sort of success have people had with finding quality suppliers? I mean it’s on offer everywhere and the majority are either directly from China or relabelled chinese products.

Yeah the China thing is just the way it is, even if you buy domestically 99% says it came from China. I have never used G6 anyway other than sub-Q. I know some guys who did it IM but never known anyone to use it IV

true 99% of peptides out there are chinese…even when they claim they are not…that does not necessarily make them bad. Its the same with GH there is GOOD chinese gh as long as you buy direct form a manufacturer.

Now when you ship it to 4 or 5 middle men and it sits on someones shelf in sweltering heat for 6 moths then what was once a great product is now shit…this is the primary reason for all the variance in quality reports on chinese goods. Most are of decent quality when manufactured.

Cheers guys. Here’s hoping i’ve found of of those decent sources :wink:
Will keep you posted if it’s a good product.

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Cheers Bushy,

That was exactly my plan. Thanks for the insight and input, yours in always welcomed.
Once my source comes to the party i’ll keep you posted.