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Hi boys and girls :wink:

Before I tuck in I’d just like to say that I really like ghrp-6 alot. I eat the most massive amounts of food you can possibly imagine a good 4-5 days out of the week and then still eat around 4000 cals on the days I don’t use it and haven’t gained a lb of fat (maybe one or 2 but I’m up like 8 lbs).

My vascularity is continuing to get better and I sleep like a little dreaming baby just about every nite. Which is where I’m going right now.

G’nite all

did you have used hGH?
compared to hGH how “good” is GHRP for fat loss?


How much you weigh these days, Wide?

And what does your dosing look like?

I was using hgh for about 4-5 month prior to using the ghrp-6. I did get very lean during that time without adding any cardio or diet adjustment. Hands down the leanest I’ve ever been and probably the healthiest looking. I’d be and asshole if I didn’t mention that I was using anabolic pump at the time also. GREAT PRODUCT for me.

Currently I use the ghrp-6 about 4 days a week and used anywhere from 500 mcgs once a day post workout or I might use 300 mcgs twice a day morning and postworkout or just later in the day. I gorge the crap out of myself for probably close to 2 hours just about every time I use it and still remain very close to as lean as when I was on hgh. I’ve only used the ghrp-6 for about 2 months and am up around 7 lbs and cant’ beleive I’m not getting fat. I’m currently around 230-235 and to be honest am not in much a hurry to get any bigger. I’m sure it will happen and imo ghrp-6 is a worthwhile tool to get there.

Really intresting. I’ve to look around for more info on the peptide… Is it for IM or subq?

I need to lose 20lbs as fast as possible… without losing any LBM…

Wideguy- Who’s GHRP-6 were you using bro?

Also, are you shooting IM or SubQ? Thanks.