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GHRP-6 vs. HGH

I am curious if GHRP-6 (growth hormone releasing peptide) could be used as a poor man’s GH cycle? An article I read said that even a 100mcg injection could result in a 10 fold increase in the bodies GH production. For example if someone were to inject 3 times a day at 100mcg per injection could their GH levels be high enough throughout the day to have a GH like effect?

I am unaware of how high a true HGH cycle raises levels compared to normal production. If someone were to injected 10iu/day how much higher could their GH levels spike over that of 100mcg GHRP-6?

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I’m no way a GH/GHRP6 expert. But as far as i have read/researched GHRP6 seems to have less effects dose wise/$$$ wise and more sides than GH itself.

So it sounds like it is pretty “dangerouse” compared to GH.

Just my 2 euro-cc