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GHRP-6 Use


I am sure this has been answered before so please bear with me. I need some insight here please!! I am 24 and I am paralyzed. I am thinking of taking this for a couple reasons. One is to see if I will re-grow some nerve ending (wishful thinking) and two is to gain muscle and lean out. I need to be very cautious as I can gain body fat in the ab area due to the lack of having using of my core. I have been working out for about 6 years now and I am pretty fit right now. I am just curious about the extra edge and helping me with my pain in the shoulders and wrists from tendentious.

That being said, what is the difference between GHRP6 and 2? I have read and it seems like appetite and possibly no affect of the prolactic on the 2... I have a lean diet now and do not want to gain weight with bodyfat. I want to build lean muscle because I train for triathlons and endurance. Is this possible with 6 or 2?

I also do not want to have the effects of too much prolactin in my body and have nipple secretion or the gyno. I guess what I am asking is what will give me the least chance for this and what is it that I read that can be taken to prevent this?

Next question is, am I too young for this? Should I just settle with a test boost or is it beneficial to try this?

I see a lot of people talking about using this with cjc also? Do you think this is necessary? If so which one the 1295 or 93 and why. I remember reading that 95 increases for too long and that is not a good thing.

Can you explain when it should be taken (is pwo pre or post) and how much. Some do it twice a day and some are doing it three times a day. I assume the three times a day is to keep the GH release more constant? A friend of mine takes it twice a day once before workout and before bed. I know not to eat carbs 30 before or after subQ.

Now, aside from those questions can you inform me on what IGF is and MGF please

If we take a protein pre workout is it necessary to do so afterwards?

Keep in mind I am a complete newb to all of the terms!!! Thank you very much and I am sorry for the ignorance!


Are you completely paralyzed from the waist down? If you don't mind me asking is it congetial or was there an accident?

What are your goals exactly? From what I understand GH and GH related things are more as an extra for bodybuilders to help with healing and recovery time.

Also GH does not cause growth of the CNS, even though it has now been proven that nerve cells can be produced after reaching adulthood. I'm not sure whether GH can cause extreme growth of PN S neurons. Nerve growth is partly regulated by nerve growth factor.


In reality I not looking for the benefit of nerve regeneration. I was in the service and injured on active duty. I am paralyzed from the chest down. basically just under my nipple line. My goal is to build lean muscle and stamina. Like I said I am fit now but I am looking to get stacked and I do not want to take any aas.




What are your goals? I think it's interesting you want to get stacked even though you have limited mobility. GHRP-6 probably won't give you the results you're looking for, but I think it could be a good addition for general health. GHRP-6 alone won't make you look like a bodybuilder, but it could improve your health.

Also, thank you to all veterans.


I am looking to get overall health and less pain in my joints from being in the chair. I am hoping BBB jumps in and gives me some advice! I need it


I read something that said that injections of a synthetic form of THC caused new nerve cell growth in rats. These were produced in the hippocampus, but I don't know if that would help as treatment or not, it just came to mind because of the nerve part.
Good luck!


Thanks. I dont want the nerve growth to overshadow the fact that I want to take GHRP6. I just want some answers before I start taking it because I am a newb to all of this!