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GHRP-6 Saturation Point


I've read 100 mcg of GHRP-6 is the saturation point, as in the receptors of the hormone are filled up. If you add 100 mcg more, you only have 50% effectiveness from that. Another 100 mcg is only 25% as effective.

Anyone verify this?

Heres the quote from another website: "What that means is that 100mcg will saturate the receptors fully, but if you add another 100mcg to that dose only 50% of that portion will be effective. If you add an additional 100mcg to that dose only about 25% will be effective. Perhaps a final 100mcg might add a little something to GH release but that is it."

So would it make sense to take 100mcg 3 times a day?


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Business taking off, Al?


500mcg is vastly more effective than 100mcg. In fact, from my experience 500mcg is vastly more effective than even 300 or 400mcg, in terms of things that oneself can monitor by "feel" - GI transit, hypoglycaemia, appetite etc.

In terms of GH release, if you can verify the above, then that would be a very useful piece of information :wink:


If adding more (in your example, another 100 mcg) more drug above a given amount (in your example, 100 mcg) increases response by another 50% then that first amount did NOT represent saturation.

"Saturation" in practice is that point at which receptor occupancy is virtually 100% and no significant increase in effect can be achieved with any amount of further drug.

It is never necessary and usually not practical to get extremely close to saturation. But it is common to get closer than is the case in your above example, which would be 50% if the progression were as described (which it wouldn't be, as it would be relative to the logarithm of the dosage, rather than the mcg value itself.)


^ You hit the nail on the head, Bill, as usual.

"Dat", the well-known poster in question at the other site, is certainly a very bright fellow, but he jumped the gun in interpreting, and extrapolating meaning from, the experimental dosages used in various peptide studies. His use of the term "saturation" was also extremely sloppy, imo.


Thanks guys, I had been wondering why the user was referring to this point as a "saturation point", when he clearly contradicts that...

Really though, great responses. I'll be combining GHRH and GHRP-6 for a little test run, and see how it turns out. I'll be sure to post back about it.


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This is exactly what i was thinking!


That's the webstie i've been reading too! Hence my other thread that got flamed.

The dude makes a compelling argument though, and he sites numerous studies for his GH response curve statements.

I think the jury is still out on this one.


I'm with Dave. I take my G6 after training intentionally to gorge afterwards. I was up to 800mcg a day for awhile but then I could not sleep at night and I was having shortness of breathe. Cutting back to 300-500mcg daily helped those problems. Unlike many who divided their doses equally throughout the day and/or use it pre-bedtime for max GH release while sleeping.

I take all mine in one shot right after training in the late afternoon early evening. I found taking it before bed kept me up for way way way to long and I was not sleeping so no GH was even being released. I will say this. Im leaner and more vascular now on the G6 than I was on tren and nearly as strong. It just plain old works


It does work.

I like to dose it in the following manner..

300mcg before bed and no food. I sleep very well but G6 makes me sleep much deeper - so i feel tired even if i have 8, 9 or 10 hours.

Plus 200-300mcg 2-3x during the day from morning. This includes a post workout and 1-2 hours pre.

I find if i dose over 500mcg i get hypo like symptoms. This is common but i dislike it enough to avoid it.
I also get enough hunger from 300mcg if i am not already full up.

It does work.. i not only put on weight from the increases appetite, but it is of a better ratio - less fat than it would be if i ate like that without it.

I would honestly choose GHRP/H for bulking over GH.. but of course GH is better for getting as lean as a mo-fo.