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GHRP 6 Reconstitution

So I’m planning to take GHRP 6 stacked with CJC no dac
5mg vial reconstituted in 2.5ml sodium chloride water which each 5units equal to 100mcg
my questions are

  1. I’m storing the vials in powder form in freezer, is that okay?
  2. Sodium chloride water, sterile or bacteriostatic water for 16 days of usage for each vial of ghrp 6?
  3. Does peptides cause diabetes?
    Thanks in advance.

Don’t need to be in the freezer. Water lasts 30 days, at least. They use the same water for prescription stuff and they usual have patients recon a 25-30 dose supply each month. No, you will not get diabetes from peptides.

I believe I remember Dr Rhonda Patrick mentioning something about increased IGF-1 number being linked to decreased insulin sensitivity. If that’s true then I might hypothesize that certain peptides specifically geared towards raising IGF-1 MAY affect a person’s ability to regulate insulin properly. Not sure if that’s a correct interpretation of what she said but it sounds like what I heard.

Thank you but which water exactly? I mentioned 3

Sorry, bac water.

what about sodium chloride water? will it harm the peptide and how long it lasts?

Can’t answer that with any authority. Bac water is all I’ve ever used, and as I said it’s what pharmacies use, and I trust their system.

Okay thank you very much