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GHRP-6 Question


I plan to sart the use of GHRP6. I plan to test the waters for 3 months, then will continue for as long as a can (thinking about a year).

i will be running 100mcg 3x day. Morning, post workout, and bedtime. As i feel it out Ill adjust the dose up as needed.

My question is, is there any difference to shoot subq or IM? I plan to do subq, but my bf is low, and it might be easier to jab it in my bicep or something(assuming 3x day for 10 months will get old for the belly fat).

Would I have any advantage of site injections IM with GHRP? I dont think Ive read anywhere saying it helps with localized growth..

Also, I choose to use this peptide for appetite increases, although the GH releasing will be nice.


I would shoot IM. I found the appetite stimulation was more noticeable and quicker than with SubQ. Try SubQ first anyway. I am aware of no reason to site inject GHRP, in fact you don't really need to rotate sites as it's water based. I did rotate between lateral tricep heads, but not in the hope of any localised growth. If you want a real appetite surge, I would suggest 300mcg+ post workout.

Dave made a few interesting posts on GHRP-6. In one he described how he leaned out by following an intermittent fasting regime with GHRP-6 administered every 3 hours. Now, something I tried, which may be of no interest to you, was to do a similar thing, but follow each GHRP-6 dose with a hyperaminoacidemia shot (which is what BBB calls a 40:10 mix whey hydro and leucine). This is a bit like the MAG-10 pulse idea, although I didn't know about that at the time. I did this on a couple of days where I was going to be low-carb and I wanted to set myself up for a very high carb day.


Thanks Rational. Ill try both as you said and see if IM is infact "better" for appetite purposes with me.

About the dose, Ive read that anything above 200mcg at once is somewhat of a waist. That saturation accurs over just 100mcg, and it will be able to take up to roughly 200mcg at once. So i was thinking of shooting up to like 150mcg 3x day -450mcg a day.

I read on Daves experience and it looks effective for fat loss, and holding muscle. But I plan to pack on as much mass through increased food intake (also plan on adding in testosterone throughout the year).

Any thought on my reading about the doses?

Also, about BBB's 40:10 mix, Ill plan to do simular-but add fast carbs to that. Well whey+BCAA+carb. Then follow up with a meal 15-20min later. (Id do the post shake 20-30min post injection)


I think it was datbtru who described 100mcg as a "saturation dose" on another board. I'm not exactly clear on what he meant by that, because in my experience (and from what I've read on this board, everyone else's) it is nowhere near a saturation dose. For example, 300mcg is already noticeably more effective at stimulating appetite, and if you search for Dirty Gerdy's GHRP-6 thread from a while back, you'll note that he was using 600mcg+ ED.

I think that although there's nothing wrong with doing 150mcg three times daily, you should try doing it as 100mcg/300mcg/100mcg on waking/pwo/before bed. The hunger from the larger dose PWO is useful if you're bulking, obviously. I did notice some sides from doses as high as 800mcg a day though: lethargy and night sweats. I had to drop down to 500mcg, which works well.

One final point, I believe BBB's original protocol was to use the HA whey/leucine shots between meals like a pulse. What I've done is to shoot the GHRP, take a HA shot about 15-30mins later, then eat my PWO meal another 15-20mins after that. No doubt BBB has a much better way of doing this!


The saturation talk doesnt refer to the appetite boosting effect. I think datbtru talked about that. IIRC using more than the amount needed for saturation (according to bodyweight) is just extra that doesnt cause a greater GH release than the amount needed to reach the saturation point.

More = more when it comes to appetite boost. Until it becomes intolerable.

I plan to play around with 100mcg x 2 per day. But I dont weigh as much as lot of the bigger guys using this stuff.

And for the OP. No idea about IM vs SubQ but all the smart guys I know shoot it subq.


OK, I think I misunderstood what was meant by saturation here, thanks.


Agonism of the ghrelin receptor can result in an up-regulation of the receptor which allows further activation.


So youre saying to use CJCblah blah blah with it?

For people reading. ALl of this info is in a much longer thread on peptides.


I would probably recommend using a GHRH analog with it. I personally would always just prefer GH, though.


Thanks for all the replies. Yeah Ill start with 100mcg subq 3x day and if that works well Ill stick to that. If the appetite starts to slow down Ill up the dose to 150mcg.

As for Maximum effect-growth hormone spike/release yes its best to run a GHRH/cjc-1295 Modified/(1-29) along side the GHRP. But again, The use of GHRP-6 in my case is for appetite increase. If I wanted the best GH release I would go with GHRP-2 and (1-29) not just GHRP-6.


You arent using your GH for appetite stimulation, Im sure


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Thanks BBB. Yeah carbs/sugar dont bother me at all. I cant think of a time when i had belly fat, and my blood sugar is in a good range(my wife has a glucose meter and I play with it time to time).

How do you/would you go about post injection shakes/meals? Does what I have listed above make sense? I read that alot of GHRP users get very hypo feeling and carbs will help with that, then shortly after eat a big meal.

I have my pre workout meal(shake) then 45min later I drink gatorade powder with my 5g BCAA powder and hit the weights pretty much right away. Post workout I have 2 scoops of whey with 16oz whole milk and 5g BCAA.

Sorry if this sounds dumb


I think it is better to do IM because you probably get more bang for your buck. It seems to create more hunger and do it quicker, so I assume it also increases GH more, but that is speculation. It probably also increases prolactin and cortisol more but those don't seem to be a big problem onece your body gets used to the GHRP-6 and settles down. Since you are taking it for appetite, this makes sense also. I would take 100mcg 3-4 times per day IM spread out evenly. I've used this extensively in the past and after awhile you will get less effect and will have to take shots more often and then up the dose to 150-200mcg/shot. That is if you go with the plan to stay on a long time, like a year. I don't see any benefit to site injections whatsoever. Has anyone kept up with the research or whatever and know if GHRP-6 inhibits or induces insulin release? I remeber reading contradictory studies that said it did both?


Thanks for your input pretzel. Ill tryout both IM and SubQ and see which works best. Ive seen alot of users do get a more intense effect when IM. Ill see for myself.

About the insulin Spike. hmmm I dont know much in the Gh/Peptide/IGF or slin area but GH does promote IGF and/or insulin release correct? I would think that a larger release of GH would also amp up the insulin and IGF.. But im not sure.