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GHRP 6 Measurement Question


I added 3ml of bac water to 5 mg of ghrp 6. Just wondering what unit on the pin would make 100mcg of ghrp 6? Ive read 6 but I've also read 3.. if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thanks



I think it would be .06ml. Most pins I have used are only in .1 ml increments (usually marked as "10") so it would be slightly more then half of the way to the "10".


So sounds like 6 was correct then?


Yes, but make sure it is .06ml and not .6ml, or you will be taking 1mg instead of 100mcg.


It's a 30gauge 1cc slin pin if that helps. I say 6 as in the 6th strike on the pin. It goes up in 10s up to 100. So I'm not sure about .6 or .06 ml..




Ius are the strikes?




Cheers fellas