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GHRP-6 Log


Hey I don't really know too many actual logs monitoring GHRP-6. I've done as much research on it as possible before I decided to mess with it. I'm cycling off 400mgs a week test cyp, and wanted something to not only help keep gains, but to heal my joints.

I'm 223lbs, about 15-16% bf. 6'00" 7-8 years of lifting under my belt, but I currently and training to compete in crossfit. I've ran numerous PH cycles, and this is my second AAS cycle.


(all injections are going to be 100mcg each)

Day 1 - First injection:

Didn't notice a feeling of hunger whatsoever, however, I felt ridiculously energized, I got an incredible amount of work done all day. Mild light headed feeling, and slight euphoria. I felt great. Maybe all mental, but i never feel that way so maybe it isnt.

Day 1 - Bedtime injection:

Within minutes a full blown feeling of gastric emptying and starvation has occurred. I also feel like I'm on a potent thermogenic, however I'm not sure if thats due to the GHRP. I do feel mildly light headed and euphoric though.

Day 2 - A.M. SubQ Inj:

Same feeling of an empty stomach and an intense hunger. Waited aprox 50 mins before "feeding the beast". Keep in mind I follow a strict paleo diet, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out. Maybe it's just me, but I've noticed increased vascularity and endurance even though I'm getting over a cold. GHRP has also seemed to help me beat the cold already, I've been feeling better each day. Also, again... my energy level has gone through the roof. Overall feeling of elation and motivation to accomplish things at my job. I'm sure it's all just me, but i'm loving it so far.

Day 4 - P.M. SubQ Inj:

     It's been a bit since I've updated because I know there aren't going to be any significant changes immediately. Something I have noticed is muscle fullness though. That and my cold is literally almost gone. Keep in mind I've had it for 3 weeks, and rest didn't help a thing. My joints ache a lot less since I've been injecting in my knees.

The hunger I got was ravenous at first, but I'm no stranger to fasting and dieting, so i can easily control it to reduce the "blunted effect" of GHRP due to eating carbs or fats within a 50 min window pre or post injection. Also, I've been taking GABA for its somatostatin inhibiting effects (roughly 3000mgs a day split into 1500mg per injection). I'm aware some say the GHRP-6 itself my be a somatostatin antagonist, but I haven't seen any actual research, and the statements I have seen are mostly theories and conjecture.


BTW, the feeling of endless energy has not subsided, but that could also be attributed to my quality of sleep.


G6 is best used on an empty stomach. The presence of insulin will blunt the GH spike. fat or carbs bfore the injection is counterproductive.

And how have you not mentioned the dose youre using?

Youre injecting it directly into your joints? Where did you pick that up from? curious


I'm looking into using GHRP6 for joint pain myself and will follow this log with interest, thankyou.

Can you tell us a bit more about dosage and timing etc?


Exactly as I was saying, I avoid food 50 prior, and 50 minutes after the injection. The doseage is 100mcg 2x daily. and all shots are subQ, and yes into the joints. The on site collagen synthesis of the injection is supposed to be phenom. Don't flame me for this but, it was in AR's log on GHRP joint repair. All of his injections were done directly subq in his left knee.


Sure, sorry buddy. I time it immediately upon waking, and Right before bed. 100mcg's each shot. first few were in stomach subq. now i've been rotating knees, to see the effect.


My reasoning for my timing is to cause a pulse upon waking, when there is none, and to amplify my pulse at night. I also am using it for the liver healing effects it supposedly has.


day 5: AM subQ inj; Right knee.

I enjoy the knee injections a lot more than the stomach ones seeing as they are literally painless, even though the stomach ones don't hurt at all. I also happened to notice less of a hunger, when doing knees than in the stomach, probably for obvious reasons. My knees have always bothered me and I've seriously noticed an increased tolerance for high intensity body squats. (I do crossfit).

Another thing I've noticed is a serious lean look to my physique. It could also be due to a strict Paleo diet, which in turn rarely causes an insulin spike, thus levels of fat freeing glucagon hormone are much higher... either way... we will see.


I didnt see anything about injecting 'into' the joints. OP-subQ or IM? site injections make no difference/sense. If you get the chance grab some modified GRF (1-29) to run with the G6. 100mcg each 2-3x day


... ok, sticking your knee will not do shit. It stimulates your brain to release GH in a natural pulse, not get to work dirrectly at the injection site. Injecting into your knees/joints will do nothing but degrade the peptide cause it'll take longer to meet the blood stream and the brain.


So, naturally, I was interested, and did some experimenting. I waited a day and
invited a friend over to my place�then I did another shot of 600mcg (split
bilaterally, 300mcg into each leg, as a subcutaneous shot). Then we sat around
and waited, with a bunch of simple carbs ready. I got hungry, I was
uncomfortable, and it wasn�t too much fun, but we sat there for a good couple
of hours, and I didn�t pass out (in case you�re wondering, the friend was
there to drive me to the hospital, in case I actually did pass out). Ok�so
that settles that. Originally, I thought that maybe GHRP-6 operated by inducing
some kind of mild hypoglycemia (hypoglycemia increases GH output). But that�s
not how it actually works�

After experimenting with GHRP-6 for weight gain, I lowered the dose
substantially and used it to help rehab a knee injury that had been bothering me
for a couple of years. In this case, I lowered it to 100mcg/day, shot sub-q into
the knee (ouch!). At this dose you won�t find the extreme hunger that a high
dose of it usually causes, and a 5mg bottle of GHRP-6 is going to last for
months, and I�m confidant that it�s going to be enough to rehab virtually
any injury (in my case, I had done extensive damage to my knee over the years,
culminating in a traumatic injury playing on turf�which resulted in my
semi-retirement from competitive athletics). Anyway, I combined GHRP-6 with a
knee rehab protocol designed by Eric Cressey, M.A. C.S.C.S., and advice from one
of my research assistants, who has a degree in Sports Medicine. Taken this way,
I used GHRP-6, and rehabbed my knee to almost where it was prior to my beginning
my career in athletics. If you have an injury, find you!
rself a good rehab protocol, and try a low dose of GHRP-6. I bet you�ll be

Direct quotes from anthony roberts himself. If he rehabbed his knee to almost full capacity, I believe I'll listen to him. However what you're saying does make sense.


and all injects done subQ daja.


lol @ anthony roberts. Guy's a joke




Read somewhere else, you have bad info. 100mcg/day will do nothing imho, it should be shot 2-3x day no closer than 5-6hrs apart, on an empty stomach as already said. 10-15 mins after pin drink a shake if needed(protein only) 30mins after the ghrp6 was pinned eat a meal-pig out.
300mcg in one single shot is a waist and will not give you much if anymore of a gh spike than 150mcg shot.

Search for datbtrue, he is the "master" on these peps. lmao go to his forum and you'll feel like a vergin again. Those UK guys know there shit.

Google ghrp6 dosing, and datbtrue ghrp, datbtrue ghrp and hgh


You need to learn what 'saturation dose' is before saying that 100mcg will do nothing and implying that 150mcg is a good maximum dose.


^I know exactly what 'saturation dose' is with ghrp's, and once you get up to the 150-200mcg dose it wont make much difference. Its not 1+1+1=3 when it comes to ghrp. Taking over the saturation dose does nothing besides increasing appetite-which is why I like many others might take a big 200mcg shot post workout
(to increase the appetite, after some time on the pep the side effect of hunger decrease dramatically). besides that it doesnt make much measurable difference going beyond the saturation dose as for increased gh spkies or gains go.

Bonez, have you experimented with ghrp-6 or ghrp-2 personaly? Maybe post your expereince/personal advise or what you've found in research. I dont want to hijack but in this case-maybe you do know more about ghrp's and their most optimal dosing, and could share from your experience


100mcg in one pin only once per day is not worth shit. period. What will one saturated dose(one hgh spike) do in the long or short term-it will do next to nothing as far as gains. even postWO one gh spike(100mcg once per day) wont help you anymore than eating more food would.


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