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GHRP-6 for Joint Support


I am interested in running GHRP-6 in my next cycle low dose 150-200mcg/day for joint support. my cycle includes a moderate dose of deca and i was wondering if it is stupid to run them both at the same time. I have read that GHRP significantly increases prolactin levels (along with cortisol). I am interested in running a TA/Test cycle later on and so I am worried about that interaction as well. Any one have any experience running the peptide w a 19-nor?

Also, whats the likelyhood that the research chemicals websites offer legit GHRP? What I mean to say is, would there be any benefit for them to sell bunk peptides? I have only found one site that looks pretty new to sell the GHRP.


Legit GHRP-6 should not be too hard to find.

That being said, I wouldn’t run it with Deca. There are other compounds that I would recommend running with it, but Deca is not one of them. Like you mentioned, the prolactin side-effects would just compound each other and make for a rough cycle.

On the plus side you would save a fortune in milk.