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Ghrp-6 for Bulking at 22

Hi, I recently got off hgh for a variety of reasons including An inability to gain weight. I have read about ghrp-6 and think it is a good option for gaining weight because of the hunger spike. My questions… What are the long term effects… Will hgh levels rebound? Would 1-2 doses a day work? I have a busy schedule that does not allow for many doses.

6’1 265, recovering from knee surgeries

it’s not magic, but it does increase appetite if you dose it high enough. You’ll need a shitload.

it does seem kinda weird that you weigh 265 and say you have trouble gaining weight…

What is your BF%?

you won’t notice much if anything… maybe a slight hunger increase

Why don’t you try eating?

Hi, thanks for all the responses. Well I am bulking at 265 because it is a necessity in a sport Im involved in. I will probably not weigh this much the rest of my life. I ask because I took some hgh and really enjoyed it, but had trouble gaining weight on it because of the sheer amount of food that was necessary.

I understand that ghrp-6 actually induces hunger, which sounds fantastic. I was wondering if 150 mcg in the morning and post workout (around 6pm) would serve well as an aid in both recovery and weight gain. Also, is there any research regarding post cycle on ghrp-6? Do igf levels just drop back to their baseline? Thanks.

ok ill say it again since apparently you weren’t listening the first time… you will NOT notice much if anything from ghrp6… im not bullshitting you. some guys don’t even get hunger increases…

if you are trying to be hungry and put on weight you honestly might as well look into insulin.