GHRP-6 Cycle

The cycle I have planned out so far.

TestE week1-14 @ 600mg/wk
TrenE week1-14 @ 400mg/wk
GHRP-6 week1-5 @ 500mcg/ed
HCG week1-14 @ 500iu/wk

Day 1-30 - 25mg aromasin+100mg Clomid+20mg Nolva

This will be my first time with tren, and also with GHRP-6. What do you guys think of this cycle? I have heard mixed reviews on the GHRP-6, and there isnt to much feed back so ill see how it goes.

I used Tren once and had severe sweats, to the poin of scaring me off for good. Although I did look amazing but also used Test and EQ. 14 weeks IMO is too long for tren. I don’t know anything about GHRP-6 but as far as I know it’s just a mild growth hormone inhibiter. I’ve never used HCG. The pct looks fine.

How many cycles have you done.

I agree that tren for 14 weeks may be a little long. But your dosages and test to tren ratio look good to me. As far as the GHRP-6 I think that 5 week is too little of time to see noticable results. But it is still very new and I myself have not done a full run of it yet. You should at very least get a good appetite boost from 500mcg/day. BTW how are you going to do your daily doses of GHRP-6?

I think that if your going to run the GHRP-6 you should run it longer and maybe you should look into running Hexarelin alongside it. I think they have a synergistic effect? Oh boy, I might be saying some wrong things but I’m too tired to look it up.