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GHRP-6, CJC, or Hexarelin?


This is a multi-layered question so I'm gonna try to be as clear as possible...

First, I'll talk about me. I'm currently running a Test E only cycle with Letro EOD for prevention of Estrogenic side effects. I'm about half way (6 weeks) into the cycle, and I am planning on running the test taper protocol sticky for my pct using a 5 week stasis period, then tapering off. I will have nolva on hand but I'd rather not use it...So, i started reading into some peptides to help keep gains through my PCT and for a little extra boost. Also, the "legality" is a big turn on too :wink: So, my question is which should i go with, and what dosage? I'd like to focus on just keeping gains and (maybe) losing some fat if possible.

(Yes, i ditched everything except the test lol. KISS.)

My next question is for a friend of mine. He's currently a red shirt freshman for (a D1 school) and is rehabbing from a knee injury (ACL to be exact). I was browsing around in the threads and found an article from Anthony Roberts where he used a low dose (100mcg) of GHRP-6 injected SubQ directly into his knee to help with ligament rebuilding and bone strength. I confronted my friend about this and he was all for it. Any thoughts on it?

Thanks for your time.


No need to inject a secretagogue directly into the knee. The drug travels to the target growth hormone receptors. Not many of those in the knees.

From the things that I've read, there seems to promise in joint repair from growth hormone.

First, CJC works on different systems than Hex and GHRP 6.

Also, there are better peptides out there. More efficient if you will... Google Magic CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin.

Hope your friend gets better soon.


Thanks for the response zeek! I looked into the ipamorelin and it seems pretty interesting...kind of like a more efficient version of GHRP-6 (like you stated). So would you recommend that for both of us? And at what dosage? It said around 200 mcg to start?


bump for some more info, anyone?