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I decided to log my adventures after benefitting so much from researching other member's logs. A few notable thanks to Datbtrue, BBB, Bonez, and others. Hopefully, I can give back to the forum.


GHRP-6..... X3/day (100mcg)
CJC-1295..... X3/day (100mcg)
Run for 6 months

-To experiment and see how my body responds
-Gain 15lbs

I will report back with weekly logs, not rants, as to keep the thread clean. Cheers!


Currently I'm pinning 6 times a day with this combo. I'd like to use the same syringe and only pin 3 times a day.

Is it possible to draw everything I need for the day in one pin? Essentially, how long can they be mixed before degradation takes place?


This is discussed thoroughly on DAT's forum. It seems to be split on just how long, but the prevailing wisdom seemed to be around 12 hours tops, if I remember correctly. So basically don't leave them mixed anymore than that.

This leaves a couple options...

Some people will use 3 syringes during the day, loading them all in the morning with an air bubble between the two peptides...when you are ready to shoot each one, just give it a quick hard shake to combine them, push the air out, and have at it. This gives you 3 pins a day but requires more trips back into the vial stopper, which dulls the needle. Not an issue if you don't reuse needles, but many people do.

Others will mix up all their doses to be taken within a 12 hour period. This will work if, say, you work out in the evening...one dose prior to working out at 8 pm, another before bed, and the final when waking up at around 8 am.

Personally, I think the 12 hours is probably overrated so I don't really plan my life around it. Even if it degrades a bit, it is still good. Might just use more or something for that last dose.


VT, thank you. Honestly, good info on this topic was pretty tough to find in the forums. Much appreciated.


=======Week 1=======

Doses have been
100mcg/100mcg dose

1) Upon awakening
2) Afternoon (non training days) / Post workout (training)
3) Evening / Prior to bed

-Noticed general increase in muscle-fullness and size
-Maintained same weight and BF %
-No significant increase in strength or recovering ability
-Appetite increase negligible on my dose
-If I up the dose of GHRP-6 to 200+, significant appetite increase is noticed
-Slight increase in lethargy during the day, but nothing a power nap can't fix
-Vivid dreams noticed, pretty cool...

-Sleep became choppy for the first 3 days, so I took my last dose in evening instead of prior to bed. This helped sleep pattern go back to normal

-Will try the pre bed dose again to see if normal sleep will resume
-Overall, nothing significant to report but I expect the results to catch up in the long term


=======Week 2=======

-Muscle size increase has been more pronounced, others have even noticed
-Increase weight by about 2 lbs. a mix of muscle, fat, water
-No significant increase in strength or recovering ability
-No joint relief to report

-I have stopped grazing throughout the day and work on a 3-4 meal/day schedule now
-Hunger has been a nice thing to respond to, rather than just feeding all day
-The bad part is that being hungry makes me want to overeat, so discipline comes into play
-Sleep has been better after adding a pre-bed dose of 200 mg Magnesium + 1000 mg Vit C

Is GHRP-2 supposed to be better for joints and connective tissues?


=======Week 3=======

-Saw steady increase in gains

=======Week 4 and 5=======

-The holidays kind of put a hamper on the injections so I took 2 weeks off

-I did notice a huge amount of bloat that continued after my last injection. I thought it could have been the changed Christmas diet or dehydration, but the bloat stopped exactly within 1 week.

-When I came back and started the GHRP injections again the bloating came back almost immediately. My whole stomach/gut swells up immensely and I'm concerned if I should even continue. I wonder if GHRP-2 would be any different.

Any advice or similar experiences out there?


Thanks for the log so far. I was considering running ghrp 6. There is alot of mixed info out there, on discussion boards. I have some but havent decided if its worth running. My goal would be for healing of nagging injuries, that even training layoffs dont seem to fix. I am very interested in keeping up with your detailed log. Thanks.


Have you noted any issues with libido? Ive read on boards reports of libido issues, which I dont want to play around with. Some say it is due to a decrease in cortisol secondary to the ghrp 6.


Hey Aaron,

No issues with libido whatsoever. I would even report increased libido if I had to choose.

I will continue with the batch that I have and hopefully decide one way or the other once I'm out of GHRP.


ghrp/cjc definitely bloats me. I will drop it a few weeks about.

But I have noticed increased sorness with these peps.


Late update:

After about 5 weeks of the above regimen, I decided to stop the cycle about a month ago. The main factor being extreme bloat while taking the GHRP. I achieved my stated goal of "experimenting" and seeing my body's response.

-Voracious increase in appetite
-Quick and positive results
-Muscles were noticeably fuller within a week or two
-Relatively cheap and safe
-SubQ injections are pretty easy

-For me personally, the bloat
-3 injections a day can be hard to keep up with if you have a normal life outside the home
-The solutions have to be refrigerated for the most part (after loading my 3 insulin pins for the day, I didn't refrigerate them)
-A lot of pinning (I used the technique of loading the pins with an air bubble between both solutions. This gave me 3 pins/day)

-This stuff definitely has a positive impact on health and physique. Now that I know how my body responds, I can successfully use it later on.
-I did not try GHRP-2 btw, which may have given slightly different results or side-effects.
-I have since started an AAS cycle and will post a similar log soon. Expect pics and all the details.


Thanks for the thorough info. My first try with peptides I was using GHRP2 + Mod GRF 1-29, and it just wiped me out in a bad way. Like being in hypoglycemia. Not fun nor useful! And I had increased appetite that made dieting very difficult.

This time I went with Ipamorelin+Mod GRF 1-29, only using GHRP2 after/during workouts. Works fine so far. But I do have some issues that might or might not be related to peptides: I have a hard time "finishing" sex, i.e. coming. I'm throwing that out there in case other notice that as well from peptides.

Ipamorelin doesn't have the rep of increasing prolactin but who knows. We're only going from the same articles on the web. Real world feedback trumps that IMO.


I would recommend you switch the GHRP 6 for GHRP 2 instead. You mentioned you did not like the bloat. I did both for a couple months, first the 6, then the 2. The 2 takes away the bloat, and actually leaned me out pretty well. I ate like a pig, and stomach stayed flat. Other than that, it is very similar. You would enjoy the 2.


Agreed with hawkeyes. I have not experienced 6 but 2 is great. Great sleep. Maintain leaness even with amounts of food that would normally push BF up.


Good to know. Thanks for the feedback.


TX hawk and Ryan:

Thanks for the input. I've ordered the 2 and now am actually excited about using it in the future.


are you on any AAS or finesteride or any thing else..? i've noticed that issue when i take pct's for AAS...