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GHRP 6 Causing Frostbite Feeling in Fingers


Just a quick question, started ghrp 6 a wee and a half ago, using once a day before bed, but had to stop two days ago as i have been waking up in the night with really sore fingers and thumb on my left hand. Every finger on my left hand apart form my pinky had a very sore/numb/tingling feeling right the way to the tip.
The only other other factor which i thought was interesting was that I got quite a nasty cut on the tip off my third finger the day before this started happening by using a saw in work.
Will this go away its self or should I see a physio???
thanks in advance


This is extremely common with peptides, but more common in IGF and HGH. Just power through it, numbing in hands and fingers will subside.


Using GHRP 6 before bed is not the ideal time. You will get natural GH spike when you sleep.

Using it upon waking makes more sense if youre going to use it once a day.


Hi-jack alert:

I thought the idea was that the GHRP6 combined with the CJC(NO DAC) before bed exponentially increased the natural GH spike during sleep? Wrong?


No I dont think youre wrong. I probably shouldnt have commented on a peptide issue.

But if somoeone is going to use G6 only once per day, I still think using it in the AM is better than before sleeping.


Roger that, thanks BONEZ!


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Ok thanks everyone,

I mainly use this peptide in the evening because I was going with the idea off boosting the natural GH spike when I was sleeping, I thought that it would have also helped me get into a better slow wave sleep and allow for better recovery, although with further reading I am finding this may not have been the best idea.
Also I cannot bring needles to work so 3x per day shooting is not an option really.
Ill try morning shots for the next few days and see how I get on with that!!

By the way, I'm runing with 75mg "prochem" anavar e/d, and a quarter tab of letro e3d because I am very prone to a puffy looking chest. I compete at powerlifting, and am into the 3rd week off this cycle now and am stronger than I have ever been. Very impressed.

Is there anything I could do to improve on this other than adding test?? I dont mind the injections, but I am happy with my current level off mass. Just touching 95 kilos at 5'9


FTR, from what I have read in numerous places (I believe even from DAT) the best time to take G-6 if you are only using once a day (for say anti-aging or injury recovery purposes) is before bed.

I'm certainly no expert though lol...So I'm curious as to what benefits you would expect in the AM over taking it pre-bed? Is it just because you secrete GH in your sleep naturally, so you are effectively "wasting" some of it?


FWIW, I knew a guy who used to pack his IGF on ice in his cooler that he brought to work with his meals for the day (he was a landscaper) and use it later on in the day after he trained.

If you could manage, keeping a slin pin in a ziplock and an ice pack in a cooler kept in your car would keep it cool enough for a few hours if you get a chance to run out to your car during the day and do a quick thirty second injection.

I have no idea what you do, though. lol

Just throwin' it out there in case you wanted to try more than one shot per day.


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Yes. Adding Mod GRF(1-29) to your GHRP-6 at full saturation dose (100mcg) would add a significant boost.


I work with my father in a joinery buissness... So keeping pins in the van would be a recipe for disaster, I get enough questions about that side off lifting as it is!! Its amazing the way parent's rarely tell you how great it is you are keeping fit and strong. But can pass comment on my diet and "big behind" from squatting all day!!!!


Ok thanks man, I'll check it out. Think I may have to stop any sort of growth hormone stuff though. The pain I am getting in my hand is really pretty debilitating. And I cant really risk it becoming a permanent problem with my line off work!


Ok, after speaking to a doctor, a physio, and another guy I train with. I have to say, just for the benifit off anyone reading this thread with the same problem. DO NOT "power through it". worst advice I have ever seen.

Carpal tunnel syndrone can destroy your hands causing muscle weakness, muscle atrophy and nerve damage. I have been advised to take anti imflammitorys and splint it at nicght to enable it to relax at night. I havent slept for four nights because off your advice. I do not say this to be rude, but to help other people; please do not comment on a medical matter again without some sort off knowledge on it.