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GHRP-6 and Sodium Chloride

I oredered 2MG of GHRP-6 for a test run and the company I orederd it from did not send me a soluable. I was wondering if it is ok to use 1ml of sodium chloride. I know most research I have done has said to use Bac Water. Thanks for the feedback.


Myself I use Unisol 4 brand sterile saline solution (sold for contact lenses.) Works fine.

If by “sodium chloride” you mean an isotonic aqueous solution of sodium chloride, then yes, that’s fine.

An advantage of being bacteriostatic would be if concerned about introducing bacteria into the vial. If using proper procedure, keeping the vial in the refrigerator, and not planning to stretch the vial’s use out for a prolonged period of time – say not more than 2 weeks – personally I don’t worry about not being bacteriostatic.

But in an ideal world I suppose I’d add a little benzyl alcohol to the isotonic solution. I just haven’t bothered.