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GHRP-6 Alone?


I've been wondering a few of things I can't seem to find a straight answer for since I've been looking into peptides. I've been looking at dis and dat on certain forums but can't seem to find what I'm looking for.

would a 300mcg (dosed in 3 100mcg shots) of GHRP-6 elicit any sort of anabolic effect without cjc? Or are we looking strictly at anti-aging and joint repair?

Also I know the standard for an cycle with some sort of anabolic effect is 300mcg of Ghrp-6 and cjc at 300mcg. Would doing the cjc at 100mcg per day or even 200 mcg per day be worth it?

Finally I what sort of cycle length are we looking at? 1 month? 6 months? If I had to venture a guess it would be more like 6 months but I haven't found anything concrete.


I have a similar thread with similar questions but no answers yet.

I keep reading various accounts of how great GHRP6 is on its own, then others who say it's crap. Others who say you need to combine with CJC/mod.GRF1 and those that say don't because of GH bleed.

Others who say 6-10weeks cycle while others you use year round.

Confused!?! I know it's not an exact science and everybody responds differently but there seems to be quite a bit of conflicting information. More so than the normal more well known products.


From what I've read the cjc is used because of the gh bleed. You get a spike from the ghrp 6 and the cjc sustains an elevated release of gh after the initial spike.

I'd be willing to bet the people who say peptides are junk probably bought from a less than reliable source.

It is confusing about the cycle length. Some people use them year round but it seems to be older people using them for anti-aging. I would assume at least 6-8 weeks minimum for a cycle but who knows. I think part of the problem is not a lot of people use peptides so they can't give first hand experience.


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I have done a a lot more research now and have been directed to links within Dat forum and it has helped incredibly.

Cycle length can be forever with no adverse side effects.
Using GHRP6 alone will work but definitely works better with a GHRH.

I was even talking to a pharmacist I know last night who I wasn't aware was into his fitness and he said that peoples lack of results is often down to not buying clinical grade peptides. He also stated that for bodybuilding or even anti-aging purposes this was one of the safest ways to go about it.

I will get through the Christmas period and then try something in the New Year - probably along the lines of my original protocol of 100mcg GHRP6 & 100mcg mod. GRF1 3 x daily. Although I may swap the GHRP6 for GHRP2 which is apparently more potent and again at that dosage doesn't cause any adverse side effects.


The cost of cjc is primarily why I looked to exclude it. There is one rc site that has it on sale right now for about half the price of everywhere else I can find but that leads me to believe it's possibly old and the quality is questionable.

I know there is a source of clinical grade peptides mentioned on the other forum but I'm not sure how easily peptides are obtained from that source. Time will tell. From what I've priced out a 60 day run of GHRP-6 would cost about 150 or so all said and done. I just don't have that sort of extra cash right now.


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Well, BBB, you've convinced me to give GHRP-6 a try. Probabbly 200/day -- 100 morning and evening --- can't see bringing it to work for the incremental gain.

Most of the sellers also sell HGH Frag 176-19, which they claim is a fat burner extraordinaire. Any knowledge on this one? I'd probably just ad that in the AM, 2iu


BBB, what sort of size gains are we talking about with a 2 month cycle of ghrp-6. 5lbs? 10? How are the strength gains?


Its not an anabolic steroid. ^

2 months is not worth it.

Think of it in terms of how much GH is released. 2 months of higher gh release isnt going to be noticeable.

Run it for a year. It costs like <$10 a month.


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I love GHRP-6

Will not be going back.

Threw CJC on top of it at 1mg/week recently simply because I was curious and had some fall into my lap for fairly cheap, 2mg is the normal.

Haven't noticed much yet from stacking the GHRP-6 with CJC, but its only been a week. GHRP-6 is very noticeable, the hunger, recovery, and definitely increased strength.

GHRP-6 not a "background" substance in my opinion. I will probably stay on it.

Lets say it does nothing significant GH wise....fine, even though medical test show it does increase GH signifigantly....


Its so cheap I would still run it simply to make me hungrier, best appetite stimulant I have ever found, and Ive tried it all.

Test, dbol, EQ, B12 have nothing on 200mcg of GHRP-6, even 100mcg which is likely the highest effective dosage at one time, is fantastic for appetite.

And does wonders for my joints, I have almost no joint issues while on it.

Even if its not anabolic in the slightest...and I feel it is, significantly.

A couple bucks a month for beautiful joint repair, some increased strength and more muscle fullness ?

Sounds like a great supplement to me.

And the strength. Its not just from eating more, but it literally makes you stronger.

Take 100mcg preworkout and after about a week your going to see some pretty fast gains in strength, nothing explosive, but its there.

I doubt that particularly fast acting effect is GH related, I think it has some sort of CNS effect that we are not aware of, and others seem to share my opinion simply based on how fast that little strength boost kicks in.

GH activity would not act so quickly. It has to have some sort of stimulant properties directly on the CNS itself in some form or fashion.


Could be slight water retention, it makes the muscles FULLER, much like creatine, but without the facial water retention (moon face).

The increased water in the muscles could be glycogen stores which would provide better hydration/leverage much as creatine does.

Either way, its cheap and effective even if it just makes you hold a little water or something, its too cheap to ignore completely.


You've sold me.

What do you think about HGH Frag 176-19 as a fat burner? It alledgedly does not down-regulate you or have the blood sugar sisue like "real" HGH.


I've tried g6 but it didnt do jack for me. This is prescription pharmacy stuff. It made me hungry when I took it but other than that my numbers (igf-1 and igf-bp3) didnt budge at 150mcg nightly. going to real gh now. some ppl it just doesnt work for i guess.


I spoke in terms of worth. And I believe what I wrote. Ive been running ghrp6 at 200-300mcg 4-5 days a week for about 4 weeks. Due to circumstances Ive been eating a pretty low cal diet, barely lifting weights, being busy and all that. Im getting leaner and maintaining a fair amount of size. Maybe its from the ghrp 6. Its costing me about $5 to do this so far. It cost me $20 for this one month I would not do it. But this is simply my opinion as to what the value of certain results are. I think

I know you know all this stuff.

I dont think 100iu of GH would be useless. I dont think effects are worth the cost for most people. In all honesty most people have no where near the knowledge you have, of course they can pay you to help with nutrition and drug advice but thats just adding to the cost of the GH.

You certainly have more experience when it comes to use and quality of GH, no question. So yes, if traning and diet is on point and the GH is high quality a small amount will have benefits.

I guess my opinion comes from the fact that I know far too many people that spend $300 on a kit and look exactly the same however many weeks later.


I do not think that real, high quality GH is worth the money to most young guys.


Its simply too expensive when we heal fairly quickly and can get away with nonsense in the gym and grow with it.

Id rather run a cycle with more test or more tren than spend anything on GH.

Its cost to benefit, peptides we love because they are cheap and add a pretty good base level boost.

Id rather top out my juice dosages, because lets be honest, the steroids hit harder than the GH for simple growth and fat loss, our joints and recovery abilities are still at a high point, and adding more GH simply will not have the same measure of effect that it would were they not.

Now as I get older GH will become VERY attractive, as I am sure it is to most of the guys not in their 20's.

Peptides are attractive to us younger guys because they work well enough to warrant throwing on top, and they are cheap.

We simply dont have the money to make spending a few extra hundred dollars for a little higher GH level, worth it. We could take that money, bump our test to 1500mg/week and just let the size and strength explode shitles

If I had less than a grand for a cycle, I certainly wouldent be spending more than 100 on anything GH related, simply isnt going to make me grow as fast as spending that money on tren.

GH simply isnt as anabolic.

When your young, how big and strong you get is all you care about, later on repair, recovery, health they will take a precedent, and a larger income will make a few hundred much more worthwhile....

Its all relative to whats important and how much money you can spend. GH isnt much on the cost to benefit for simple straight growth.


I tried DAT's protocol with GHRP-6 + GRF and GHRP-2 + GRF. I also tried GHRP-6 alone and with GH. I found that DAT's protocols were to much for me. I actually gained body fat on those protocols. I decided to experiment for myself. I now do just 100 ug every other day with hCG and my TRT or TRT plus a mild anabolic. It works best that way for me. I get leaning and my joints feel better than they have in many years.

After being off all peptides for a while and I start either GHRPs I get numbness in my hands and wrists for the first 7-10 days just like on GH. No doubt in my mind that if you get the real thing they have an effect. I plan to stay with them indefinitely. I think estrogen has something to do with effectiveness. When my estrogen is under control they seem to work better. The most notable effects for me are better metabolism and relief from joint pain. I'm hoping the relief from joint pain is actually positive remodeling of joint tissues and not just some sort of anti-inflammatory response.


"GHRP-6 may also affect the central nervous system by protecting neurons as well as increasing strength in a way very similar to the way certain steroids in the Dihydrotestosterone family do."

Granted I took that from wikipedia, but there are other info sources out there saying similar things.