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GHRP-6 Advice


Hi guys,

Just got my hands on some ghrp-6, im going to run it starting today. Im not running any anabolics at the moment, i'm actually just finished the test stasis taper PCT. And i f'ing love it! I won't be using a SERM PCT again for anything over an 8 week short acting steroid cycle.

I've been reading up on GHrP-6 and trying to understand everythng about it. So i'll throw out something i thnk i know for your correction and advise.

100mcg 3x/day had been recommended due to saturation doses and a hgher does wont gve a higher gh spike. and 6 hours is needed between shots.

I'm about 92kg, ive a few niggling injuries i want to get rid of and i wont be going back on cycle yet as im planning on moving to austrailia so i when i sat a date to go i'll see can i get a short cycle and pct in between then.

I'm not expecting much from it but hopefull some noticable differences.
increased injury repair, slight strength increase and subsiquent muscle gain, fatloss, appetite increase,

Will it improve achy joints?

What about helping with my football training? Recovery/speed/stamina?

Any input from ghrp-6 use would be greatly appreciated!


I've ordered some purely for the joint benefits, il be following this thread. There are a few threads about ghrp though mate


Cheers for the reply, i'll keep it updated with what i notice from it.


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From searching here Bushy, in one of the threads.

Cheers for the input, i think ill stick with 3 times a day however down the future i might do 4 or 5 times a day @ every 4 hours on your advise to see if i notice a difference!


Thinking about it i think he said he was shooting it every 6 hours, not that you'd need 6 hours between shots.

Is there any injection time that would be better than others? Pre or post workout perhaps?


I prefer first thing in the morning and post workout. Usually only have time for 2 shots.


I use it 3x/d on workout days, taking my final shot right before bed. After a couple of months it really seemed to improve the quality of my sleep. (Specifically, I take GHRP-2 + mod GRF(1-29) before bed, GHRP-2 by itself in the morning, and GHRP-6 + mod GRF(1-29) pwo...my reasons for mixing it that way are just based on personal observations regarding hunger and sleep etc... after using for awhile.)

Seems to have helped me recover quite well from some soft tissue injuries. Nothing drastic, but fast enough to make me feel like a young'un again. Good luck...be patient with it and then if you like what's happening, consider adding in mod GRF(1-29) for a little enhancement of the effects.


This is how I have been doing it. I use it either post workout or if it is an off day about 60 minutes before dinner, then I go chow down.


Cheers for the input guys!

I know ghrp6 isn't as good as hgh but is there any way to relate them? As in how much is 300mcg ghrp6 equal to in hgh iu's? Or is it different for everyone?

Also, does anyone know how much growth hormone does the body naturally produce?


I believe 1-2iu per day is a replacement dose. A full protocol of ghrp6 and CJC can produce 3-5iu per day. I think it can be more cost effective to just use generic GH. Both options are expensive compared to test.


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So would 100mcg 3-4 tmes a day give similar results as 3-4iu hgh a day?


Has anyone experimented with IM injections? I read on a different forum a bodybuilder preferred IM injections and felt they worked better. is there any truth to this or just a personal thing? Do all of you shoot sub-q?


Cheers for the info, good stuff! Wth the GRF(1-29), what dose do you use with that. I've read threads where people are using 100mcg GHRP-6 and 100mcg CJC-1295, and another thread where it's 100/50.


Im still waiting for my bac water to turn up. Im gonna shoot 3x a day 100mcg - keep you updated.


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i was wondering as well but from a different forum a poster said it doesnt even compare...