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GHRH Experiences?

Starting my research on GHRH (Sermorelin) does anyone here have any experience or input on this.

not that particular gh releasing peptide, but I do have some experience with GHRP6…I have a thread on the page of this forum titled “Dirty Gerdy’s ghrp6 Run”


I have very recently looked into it actually… it is produced in the hypothalamus and secreted to stimulate the production of more GH… in the natural pulsatile fashion.
It is effective at doing this but is isnt perfect, as it only has a half life of 7 minutes.

However there has been work on this peptide as it is so very effective at increasing GH, and they managed to create a newer ‘version’ of this peptide… CJC-1295.
This is basically GHRH1-44 but having been bioconjugated.
This is how it manages to bypass the short half life.

The half life of 7 mins is due to an enzyme (dipeptoaminopeptide-something-something i think… fuck knows) that removes two or three of the aminos that the GHRH is comprised of(as are all peptides by their very nature), rendering it useless… after bioconjugation it somehow manages to stop this process, and VERY very effectively.

This peptide has a half life of 5-7 days so an injection frequency similar to cypionate or enanthate esters would be ample.

This peptide(CJC-1295) is able to increase GH levels from 2-10% over the next 7-9 days and IGF-1 by 1-3x over the following 9-11 days… both AFTER JUST ONE INJECTION(dose dependant too)!!

To those who are really very confused by all this sort of thing (and i am only just grasping most of it!) i tend to think about it like this:
When scientists finally synthesized testosterone they realised that it was virtually useless as it had a half life of just a few minutes, making stable blood levels impossible outside of a clinical setting.
Over the next few years the main goal was to find a way to successfully increase the half life… or what actually ended up happening - they managed to slow the rate of metabolism, in the form of acids with differing carbon lengths that could be attached to the test molecule thus slowing the release from the depot site of the IM injection… Esters.
Now much of the peptide technology, while much more advanced and complicated being 50-70 years later or so, is much the same issue.
They are finding these peptides which increase secretion of (often) anabolic hormones but many are very quickly metabolised… think MGF, GHRH and IGF-1… all of which have been PEGylated, Bioconjugated or had amino’s added respectively.

No. it isnt cheap… :wink:

I’ve been contemplating adding that to my ghrp6 Brook.

Idk if you’ve come across it yet, but several people are doing it.

I guess it’s ‘quite the rage’ lol :stuck_out_tongue:


do you know what the actual dosing practices are? i cant seem to find much on that…


the bastards want me to sign up to see their stuff, but I know you can view a few threads before they ask you to sign up. lol

here is a link. There are a few threads with some outlined protocols.

Some have been shooting 300mcg GHRP6 3x per day!

I believe the cjc stuff is way lower than that.

This site has a steroid forum as well as a peptide forum…not too shabby…

When I can view the protocol I’ll hit you up Brook ;D



Cool I got it squared away.

Datbtrue’s thread is littered with legit info and here is a protocol that some guy named papapump lined out.

The picture (wherever it comes in this post lol) is what he outlined week by week.

The only protocols I’ve found where on other threads.

I love TNATION but as far as ‘anabolics and related’ anabolicminds.com has some pretty cool stuff.

Hope this helps homie!


Thanks… interesting that he has chosen to shoot the CJC 3x/d when it can be used 2x/wk…

might have to join up and see whats up with that! :wink:


[quote] Brook wrote:
Thanks… interesting that he has chosen to shoot the CJC 3x/d when it can be used 2x/wk…

might have to join up and see whats up with that! :wink:


I believe the brains we have here are better reguarding some AAS advice compared to there. BUT I do think they might trump us when it comes to peptide info and protocols. I don’t think there are too many peptide people here, or that many people trying oddball experiments :stuck_out_tongue:

I might have a thread titled “gone apeshit with peptides” once my cycle is over ;D