At my gym, like most gyms, we dont have a GHR. So when I went to lift earlier this week and saw someone doing GHR’s I was more than a little suprised.

This guy had the rear end of the 45 degree back extention on top of 2, 120 DB’s. I tried it, and did a few reps, then jacked the back up higher, and tried it again, and the reps were far more effective.

Has anyone tried a set-up like this, and how far is it away from a real GHR? And is it worth using in my training?

As long as its stable I’d say go for it. I’ve rigged up some ridiculous shit in my day.

You sure wouldn’t want to fall off of that though-- you’ll look like enough of a douchebag carrying around 240lbs of weight that you aren’t using to exercise with.

If it doesn’t work you can always find a training partner to hold your ankles and do natural GHRs.

I just put a folded towel on the floor and plant my feet under the preacher bench.

Ain’t this what they made the lat pulldowns machine for? Just hook your feet under there and you’re good to go.