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GHR vs. Reverse Hypers, Differences?

they look the same to me!

??? two different monkey’s all together. Go do asearch and look at the equipment they are done on right quick. A LOT more ham string in the GHR for sure. Both are great and cant replace one another but big difference.


Also the weight one’s moving is different. When doing GHRs, you’re moving your upper body weight, and when doing RHEs, you’re moving your lower body weight.

Personally I find GHRs more rewarding and difficult (my goals are more oriented towards athletic performance)

ghr is more hamstrings and glutes as the name suggests, reverse hypers hit the lower back more so.

Reverse hyper = hip extension
GHR = knee flexion w/ some hip extension

You can also use reverse hypers as a back-rehab kind of lift.

GHRs can be a problem is you’re rehabing a lower back injury.

Just figured I’d through that out there.

crap, i meant hyperextension, not reverses. they seem to be doing the same movement for those two exercises