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GHR or Reverse Hyper for Home Gym?


I didn't really know where to post this. But anyway, what do you guys think would be the most beneficial for a home gym?


I'd pick a DIY GHR simply because it is more cost and space efficient.


They're both great pieces of equipment, and I ended up stocking both in my home gym. That said, if I had to pick only one, I would pick the reverse hyper just because of how unique it is in terms of it's ability to directly work your lower back without having to place a heavy load on your shoulders.


My dad bought a reverse hyper from Westside when I was still in high school & living at home (>10 years ago). It's still there and he has used it in virtually every squat and/or deadlift workout during that time (me, too, when I've been home). Great piece of equipment.

As previous replies have said, exactly which is "better" depends on cost, space, and your specific needs, but I don't think there's really a "wrong" answer here. I'm just relaying that my father's experience with the reverse hyper has been a positive one.


GHR times a million in my book

Some people swear by it, but the reverse hyper has always felt like garbage to me.


I have access to both, i dont rate the reverse hyper, never feels right to me. Id go with the GHR for sure, its the best hamstring exercise you can do and it also works the calves.


I'd go reverse hyper because it's easier to do a GHR without a dedicated GHR machine. Just get a pad for your knees and hook your feet under a barbell.

I've only used a proper GHR once, and it was amazing, but definitely the easiest to recreate out of the two.

You guys must have some pretty awesome home gyms if you've got specialist bits of kit like GHRs!


I posted an old photo of mine in this thread


I've got a few more toys since then, mainly a strongman log.


that is pornography!


I got a jerry-rigged set up for both, but to be honest I use the ghr a hell of a lot more.



Why not by the Rev hyper/GHR combo from Texas Strength. Never used one but it might be worth a look and the equipment of theirs that I have used has been top notch.


I'd go with the GHR