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GHR on Floor or on Lat Machine?

I’ve been doing some searching on google for homeade GHR devices.

I saw a few people talk about:
putting a mat on floor for knees
then adding plates on a barbell and putting blocks in front of and behind it so it doesnt roll.
Then putting your ankles/feet under the bar and using the floor and the barbell as a GHR

Anyone tried this or heard of anyones experiance?

Also so some people doing GHR with their ankles/feet hooked under the knee padding ona lat machine.




Do whatever is covenient, I personally do them off the lat pulldown machine, although I touch the floor with my hands bc I am not yet strong enough to do it otherwise. I also think the last video the kid’s form isn’t the best.

So how well does the lat pulldown work for a GHR?

Im just curious. Because if I can get by for now doing them on a lat pulldown and save $ and then buy the GHR in the future?