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GHR Numbers?

What is considered a strong number of consecutive GHRs? Like how 30 consecutive pull ups puts you in the great category in Tim Henriques’s article. Just curious on a good benchmark for them.

Theres 2 ways of doing GHR, theres the full movement where you basically start with your head facing the ground. Doing it this way is great for beginners because it allows you to get some momentum with your back before you really start using your legs. The second way is to start parrallel to the ground and going up from there, its less of a movement so you’d think your not working as much but your targeting your legs more.

I dont have a benchmark but if you can do 3 sets of 10 parallel to the ground, I would move on to raising the back of the machine, holding weight or using a band.

Thanks for the help ss847859. Anyone else have any input on this?