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GHR Machine

So my gym, as awesome as it is, is missing two things, a GHR machine and a reverse hyper.

However, we do have the back extension device pictured. I tried it today for GHR…if I put all the levels on the lowest, I can ‘kinda’ do a GHR. My legs aren’t horizontal, but I think it works…

My question is, I was only able to go down a couple of inches, then it felt like my hammies were gonna rip apart and I had no confidence in my ability to get myself back up past that point. Should I keep doing those and work on extending the ROM and eventually adding weight? or should I just ditch them since they’re not on a GHR machine anyways and just do other hamstring exercises (besides good mornings, deadlifts, squats [ATG] which I already do)? Or combine the above two?

You can’t really do GHR’s on that, use a lat pulldown instead, you can almost always get them to work.

I learned a lot from it.