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GHR - Knee Position ON Pad?


Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the GHR form. I've read about how to do it at elites but my question is your knee supposed to be at the top of the pad, in the middle or at the bottom? Thanks


Unless your hamstrings are REALLY strong already, I don't think you'll be able to execute a good GHR with your knees on the top of the pad.

If your knees are at the bottom of the pad I think you risk slipping down while you're at the top of the rep. So the answer is.... the middle. Of course it seems like no two GHR benches are quite the same so it's hard to make a blanket statement.


your knees should really be BEHIND the pad not on top of it. Look at a westside or elite fts video.


Position yourself so you can do them and not fall off the pad. Usually this means at bottom position (head near the ground) the middle of your quads or so are on top of the pad. At the end, usually knees near the bottom of the pad.

I prefer to add resistance with weight/bands rather than starting with the knees on top of the pad - feels like I'm hyperextending the knee every rep.


Thanks guys I will have to head over to elites and see if I can find a video. I'm sure I'm doing them the wrong way because I can alot on the GHR, I read somewhere that Dave Tate said most guys are doing them wrong or GHR they have is not built right. Plus when I was doing them with a partner without the use of GHR, I almost cracked my head open :slightly_smiling:


As a Division I college strength and conditioning coach I prefer to see my athletes perform GHR's with their knees on pad. That is the best way to get the hamstring muscles involved. If you allow the knees to slide off the pad you are limiting the range of motion, thus decreasing the effectiveness of the exercise. As stated earlier, to perform GHR's with knees on the pad you better have VERY strong hamstrings - most people do not, which is why you see their knees sliding off the pad. Some of the newest GHR benches even have a "shelf" to prevent the knees from sliding to ensure proper technique (Power-Lift GHR bench)


Just to clarify, the GHR benches in my gym only allow 2 places for the knee to be placed, either off the pad or on top of the pad. They are really pretty shitty. With that being said, I should say that the knees should be placed anywhere on the pad and do not let them slide off the pad. The further forward the knees the more difficult the exercise.


I'm glad you aren't my coach.


I think Dave Tate knows his stuff. Since no one else agrees with me, he is my backup.



man...the notion of holding a weight at the same time as trying a GHR is just soooo far away for me. I think i need assistance from a crain to do 1 of these exercises


Thanks for the link bro.


Absoluletly Correct.