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GHR Calf Pain

Today I was doing natural glute/ham raises with my knees on a couple of pillows and my brother holding my feet (first time trying this- did a variation i saw in an article somewhere on T-Nation where you push yourself up enough to do the rep) during the third rep both of my calves cramped up extremely hard. The pain was very intense and i had to quit the set. My calves stayed cramped for about 5 seconds then unclenched but were and still are rather sore. Anyone else ever experience or know why it happened- flexibility problem, form issue, etc. thanks a lot.


Try warming up and stretching before trying these. It also helps to keep your feet perpendicular to your lower legs.

omg same thing happened to me the other day!!!
only 1 calf cramped up waited for it to unclench then did another set, the next morning that calf was sore!!