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Ghostofbellstar's Training Log

I thought I would start a training log becuase I really want to get serious about weights, thought it would be a good idea to post up what I’m doing, my goals, diet, and hopefully get some criticism and some help, if need be.

My current goal is to get to 6% bodyfat, from there I want to bulk like there is no tomorrow, eventually I would like to compete as a bodybuilder.

My training looks like this
Sunday- sprint training
Mon- chest
Tues- legs
Wed- shoulders
Thurs- back + sprints
Fri- arms
Sat- rest
I will throw in about 10 mins rowing some days if I feel energetic, which is hardly ever when I am on this diet.

For cutting diet
brekky- 2 whole eggs, 2 whites
snack- apple
lunch- salad, lean meat
pre workout- protein shake
post workout- protein shake + banana
dinner- veggies+meat
snack- can tuna, or cottage cheese

I’m clueless on timing of meals when cutting, so let me know what you think I should do.Currently I weigh 73kg, roughly 9% bf, although I used an online calculator probably inaccurate. I’m 175cm tall, so obviously a small guy, but I want that to change.

I’ll put up my max lifts so you can laugh at me,
bench- 95kg
squat- 105kg
row- 85kg
dead- 110kg
from that you probably realise I am one of those guys who used to forget legs and work on the beach muscles, something I regret.

Chest day-
incline bench- 4 sets 10-12
DB bench 4 sets 10-12
flat flies 3 sets 12-15
abs- twists + reverse crunch 3 supersets

squat 4 sets 10-12
front squat 2 sets 10-12
s/l dead 3 sets 10-12
leg curls 2 sets 12-15
lunges 3 sets 10-12
calf raises 5 sets 12-15

db press 4 sets 10-12
db side raises 4 sets 12-15
rear shoulder flies 3 sets 10-12
upright rows 4 sets 10-12
abs- prone holds 3 sets

chin ups 4 sets 8-10
bent over rows- 4 sets 10-12
deadlifts 3 sets 8-10
lat pull downs 3 sets 10-12
cable rows 3 sets 10-12

barbell curls 4 sets 10-12
pushdowns 4 sets 10-12

alternating curls 3 sets 10-12
skullcrushes 4 sets 10-12
preacher curls 3 sets failure
dips 4 sets 10-12
abs- leg raises+situps superset 3 times

made this up myself, so most likely there is alot of flaws in it, so some help would be great.

well did some sprints today 20,30,40,50.50,40,30,20.
went out and got blind drunk friday night, definately not going to drink for a long time now, definately affects training… i was just wondering if it would be more beneficial to be cut then bulk, or bulk then cut, becuase i would be doing a clean bulk i thought cut then bulk…